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Acronis True Image 2014 key features

World's Best PC Backup Software

Features that make Acronis True Image 2014 standout from other versions

In similar to the previous versions Acronis True Image 2014 provides the option for full back which includes: backup of entire system, a specialize system for synching features and files, these features are unique to Acronis. Keeping the whole system in its place this feature allows you to save the changes that are made to the files. These are some features which are for example but the main feature is the storage in cloud which is integrated with the Acronis True Image 2014. Full support while storing in the cloud is offered by the cloud. 5GB storage is available with the trial and premium versions and this storage is valid for one year.

There are more developed and powerful features in Acronis True Image 2014 and is very easy to use with patented technologies and trusted.

New online free storage
Start with your own storage in the clouds. 5GB of cloud storage which is free for one year and ultra secured is offered by us. Make the access rules and the rights of who can enter and from here share sync or store whatever you want.
Imaging of disk to the cloud
In the cloud backup your entire computer with all its components intact. This also includes the operating system, settings and configurations.
New certification of Windows 8
Acronis True Image 2014 is certified for windows 8 so it is compatible with all the new computers and can also be used in the previous operating systems.
New incremental backup in online
Create backup in the cloud or local disk and you don’t need to run the whole backup every time. The new backups which are incremental and differential only stores changes from previous backup and thus uses less storage space.
Sync of files automatically
The selected files are securely, fastly and simply pushed into the devices of yours that have True Image or on a mobile device that has free Android or iOS apps.
Continuous backup of computer
If you revisit anything in your system then that definite time is recorded by this Acronis True Image as you make changes.
Access of files from mobile
Enjoy the access to all your data on your mobile as there are free mobile apps on iOS and Android.
Secure Zone
On the system drive a disk backup can be stored. You can recover on the go if also your system fails.
Versatility of media is extreme
The backups can be stored in DVDs, hard drives which are external, USB keys, GPT drives, cloud storage and storage which are network attached.
Set and forget
Just select the time and interval of backups and the rest will be taken care of by Acronis True Image 2014.
Operation in the background
Acronis True Image 2014 keeps working in the background without affecting your work.
See what you are restoring
During restoring take a look at many states of your computer which was backed up and select from these to restore.
Try and Decide
With the try and decide technology you can browse and install any software you want. Because if you don’t like any then with you can ignore to keep changes to your computer.
Backup in simple network
Your NAS device is detected by Acronis True Image 2014 automatically so several networked computers can be backed up in a safe site of storage.
Scheduling which is smart
Even you are not running your pc your backups run at the scheduled time.
Protection of your data
With 256-bit AES robust government grade encryption keeps your data safe.
Drives of more than 2TB
Give protection to files, data, programs and any other contents over 2TB.
Acronis True Image 2018 boxshot

Acronis True Image 2018 Just Released

Acronis True Image 2018 is the most reliable, easy and secure personal backup solution available. With active disk cloning, visual backup, and an automated WinPE media builder, Acronis is also the only backup with technology that defends backup files from ransomware.

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