Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+

This is simple to use for online purposes like browsing, emailing, and socializing plus to block malware or viruses. Titanium Antivirus+ provides safety against the corrupted or infected links of different social network sites or emails.

Titanium security will provide you with confidence and safety at the time when you click. This software makes security very easy and it is also very simple to install and comes up with an interface which is friendly. Simple screens and easily understandable reports are provided by it. This software will not annoy you with alerts or pop-ups.

It foresees to protect their clients and their used devices from any harm that is coming. Micro Trend provides greater security than its competitors, who also uses the same technology which has won many awards in this business.

This Titanium Antivirus + is a Windows 8 antivirus. It is more efficient than other anti viruses in protecting your PC from key loggers, viruses, Trojan horses, exploits of operating system, spyware, dialers, scripts, malicious cookies, worms and rootkits. Titanium Antivirus + also identifies and deletes fake software’s of antivirus. Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + also includes Micro Smart Surfing for Mac. It is customizable by adding a picture or image. That is it can be given a skin of your own choice. AV Test an independent test lab took a look after the excellence of Titanium Antivirus +, where it exceeded all marks because it provides protection from threats and deals with malware infections in the most efficient way.

Titanium Antivirus + gathers all the data from the users via the cloud and enables Micro Smart Protection Network of Trend Micro to update if a new threat occurs. Use of cloud technology is better than the signature one. The technology used by Trend Micro is file-reputation technology which works on the basis of analyzing behavior of files and their similarities to already detected threats.

Strong protection of antivirus made simple

Antivirus scans can be run and the repot on the security of the Pc can be known from the main screen for console of Titanium. Many shortcuts can also be used like the scanner of Facebook privacy.

State of protection, about online help and software details can also be viewed.

Detailed reports of security
The reports provided about the threats are easy to read and the details of the log can be seen via one click.
Protection on social networking
The special feature f this software after scanning Facebook or Twitter feed categorizes the safe and bad links by green and red color. This is done on the basis of Trend Micro’s Network of Smart protection which always keeps on analyzing the manner of threats. The identification of corrupt links enables you to let your friends also know them and be secured too.
This can also work on LinkedIn, MySpace, SinaWeibo, Mixi, Pinterest and Google+.
Facebook privacy scanner
Latest Privacy Scanner of Titanium for Facebook gives you with another stage off security. With just one click all the settings on Facebook can be monitored and give the control to regulate access of people to your personal information’s. Titanium helps to detect the settings leading to privacy matters. This also gives you the option to take control over sharing of bio, pictures or anything to any app.
Protection for web threat
Titanium sets protection from web threats to defend infected links and downloads which may come in emails, messages or sites. The advised level of security safeguards online transactions from phishing. It will give you warnings about pages that are not safe and thus stop you to enter them.
Personalize your Titanium
Personalize the interface for user with the desired picture. Easily upload a photo to customize your experience of Titanium.
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Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+

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Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+

Titanium is protection made easy

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