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O&O DiskRecovery 11

Professional data recovery made easy

O&O DiskRecovery searches for files that were accidentally deleted or lost through a crash or software error. It then reconstructs and recovers the files quickly and easily. It scans the entire hard disk, partition or USB Stick for lost files, photos, videos, music files and many other data types before reconstructing and recovering them.

O&O DiskRecovery 11 Screenshots

O&O DiskRecovery 11 screenshot

It can also carry out SD Card recovery. It is eminently easy to use with a step-by-step wizard which tells you how to recover deleted files, making data recovery simple even for users with little or no experience. The free trial version lets users see before they buy just what lost files are recoverable.

O&O DiskRecovery 11 Benefits

  1. Add User-defined signatures
  2. Fast Instant-Installation option
  3. Preview of files prior to recovery
  4. New and improved data recovery methods
  5. Unlimited number of files can be recovered
  6. Easy-to-use Wizard to search for and recover files
  7. Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Vista
  8. Supports over 350 file types, unlimited number of recoverable files

Supports all Windows-compatible hard disks, removable drives, memory cards, USB Sticks, CompactFlash, and most digital cameras

O&O DiskRecovery 11 Key Features

Important Features at a Glance
O&O DiskRecovery boasts an impressive range of features and functions for easy data recovery. It can recognize over 350 file types including Microsoft Office 2013 documents. The recovery download enables users to also undelete picture and video files from digital cameras. Searching for deleted compressed files has never been smoother, in particular ZIP and 7-zip files. The data recovery software is compatible with practically all popular Windows compatible disks and digital media.
What to do when you lose or delete files
Files Recovery: first stepsIf you want to recover files that have been accidentally deleted, please stop immediately all further activity that writes data on the disk or card involved as only files that have not been overwritten are capable of being accurately recovered. Even searching for suitable file recovery software on the internet and downloading it can overwrite important data sectors and make a data recovery more difficult, if not impossible. That’s why it’s so important to have O&O DiskRecovery already installed on your computer before disaster strikes.
Using O&O DiskRecovery in an emergency
Bing back deleted files with InstantRecoveryIf O&O DiskRecovery is not already installed on your computer when disaster strikes, the instant installation is ready to help you. All you’ll need is a second computer and a removable hard disk or drive (e.g., a USB Stick or external hard drive). Start the installation on the second computer and save the “Instant Installation” on the removable drive. You can then connect this drive to the target computer from which you want to recover files, and run O&O DiskRecovery from there. Doing so will let you avoid a complete installation on the target computer, which in turn could possibly overwrite important data on the hard disk that are needed for a successful data recovery.
Three integrated search algorithms
Search for deleted files and directoriesThere are three integrated search options included, each one containing different recovery technologies that can be used separately or in combination with one another. The search algorithm O&O UnErase can be used for quick scanning and a quick undelete. The search algorithm O&O FormatRecovery allows for file recovery on disks that are damaged but still accessible. The search algorithms from O&O DiskRecovery scan every sector of a disk for file signatures which can then be used to reconstruct files, even when the whole directory has been deleted or overwritten.
O&O DiskRecovery Preview function
Previed deleted files before recovery startsWhen the scanning process has been completed you’ll be able to preview the recovered files.
O&O DiskRecovery supports various picture and text formats for the preview function, including JPEG, BMP, TIFF and TXT.

O&O DiskRecovery 11 Requirements

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