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Disk Imaging Software

Most part of computer users highly appreciate information on their PCs. Thus, safety and security of their files is at the top of their priorities. Disk imaging applications meet these requirements by providing strong and easy to use backuping and restoring service even in case the system is down. Your information is cloned part by part, and in case of any crash you can restore everything and return to work in minutes.

Disk imaging package significantly differs from software for backup and restore. With imaging you can create a full copy of the whole PC including its files, folders, structure, OS and settings. Backup option makes just a copy of data. Moreover, imaging enables user to specify the files and folders he wants to include.

Images can be saved on any hardware including DVDs, CDs, USB drives, external drives – this guarantees safety for your data and simplifies the process of booting from other drives in case of a crash. You can also move your images to new drives before upgrading of your PC.

Best Disk Imaging Software

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