Avanquest Partition Commander 11

Securely Arrange and Guard Your Hard disk by the help of the partition software

The Most Powerful and Easy Partitioning Product which is Available!

If hard drive of your pc is sluggish & jumbled, with the help of Partition Commander 11, you can regain your exhausted hard disk gap, categorize the essential files and accelerate the working speed of your hard drive.

Partition Commander 11 can assist you to shield essential information, memories (photos, music & videos), games or application on your computer when OS collapses. By safely organizing your hard drive, Partition Commander helps you to run your beloved game, applications as well as the OS more efficiently. The most amusing thing is that all of the things are automatic. By following a few steps, you can easily install and operate it and it’s a very easy process.

New Options in Avanquest Partition Commander 11

Launcher Wizard is faster.
It’s now easier & simpler than ever to access in the Partition Commander’s key features. By going through one easy step, quick Launcher permits you to do partition, transfer or duplicate files and also provides other supports for making your tasks easier.
User Interface is user friendly.
New icons, color system and descriptions have really made it simplified to perform every function inside the Partition Commander.
System backing and replace.
Partition Commander includes the feature of making a full time boost to the structure of the internal facts concerning any conception/alteration of a partition. By following one simple step, users can re-establish the structure endorsement of their whole system.
Latest Manager of Boot & Wizard for OS Installation.
Running different OSs on your PC has never been an easy process. But you can simply organize everything for a new OS with the help of Partition Commander 11. Wizard, which is computerized, can swiftly increase the speed of your works during the associative procedures and the new Manager of Boot formulates it in a trouble-free way to choose which OS you want to use at the time of starting your computer.
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Avanquest Partition Commander 11

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Avanquest Partition Commander 11

Safely Organize & Protect Your Hard Drive

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