Avast! Pro Antivirus. For Professional Usage:

Gives protection to your computer from malware, virus and spyware infections

Avast! Antivirus Pro has come up with a number of new options which has made it possible to be quicker and use fewer resources than the previous versions. The latest improved cloud technology like the auto update of virus databases along with Avast! FileRep provides much stronger security. The feature of remote assistance enables you to sought help from anyone who is online, by making them connect with your computer directly.

The new Avast! Pro has an improved features like that of shield behavior, feature of remote assistance and the technology of clouds have been newly designed to make it easy for the users to use. The new addition of Access Anywhere option makes you capable enter into a computer running with Avast! premium if it privacy settings allow remote access.

Updater of software has been added to the latest versions in order to make you noticed about all the new updates of software to be safe from malware threat. In the addition a cleanup tool for browser is provided to erase toolbars and unnecessary plug-ins.

This software is in competition for Windows 8 but its performance has been tested and it has not been excellent. But its accuracy to detect good and bad files has been given a good mark. It is for the internet security of Windows*8 providing a lots of features. A mode for gaming and uninterrupted internet browsing is available. Online transaction or banking is secured by a virtual browser. Your computer can be given access to the persons who you believe and help solving any of your problems.

Additional services of Avast! Pro Antivirus:

The engine of antivirus collaborates with the one of Avast! Antivirus which has won many awards. This engine includes a technology of anti-spyware which has gained the certificate from checkmark process of West Coast Lab’s. The antivirus engine of Avast! Pro also comprises Anti rootkit and improved capabilities of self-protection but is the quickest and fewer resource intensive solution of antivirus available to identify treats at a good accuracy.

Many shields run in real time to keep an eye on the files which are being opened or closed along with the internet and emails. After installing Avast! does the rest to give security from malware silently. If all the things go right then after installing you will forget that Avast! is running.

If anti-spam and firewall is in your possession then to save money and get a stronger security select Avast! Pro Antivirus.

Avast! Pro Antivirus provides better safety for:

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Avast! Pro Antivirus

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Wire transfer, PayPal, WebMoney 30 day money back guarantee

Avast! Pro Antivirus

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