Ashampoo Home Design 8

Design, extend & furnish with the 3D home design software

Ashampoo Home Design 8 is 3D home design software that allows you to conceptualize and furnish your future home on your PC. Numerous objects help you with interior decoration and you can tour your progress in 3D.

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Your Ultimate 3D Home Design Solution

Experience the power of Ashampoo Home Design 8, a cutting-edge 3D home design software that empowers you to envision, extend, and furnish your dream home directly on your PC. With an array of versatile objects at your disposal, this software simplifies interior decoration and even offers immersive 3D tours to track your progress.

Home Planning and Designing

Ashampoo Home Design 8 breaks the stereotype that home planning and designing are only for professionals. With this intuitive software, you can effortlessly plan, design, and explore your future home right on your PC. Step into fully furnished, virtually rendered rooms that give you a realistic glimpse of your dream space. Smart wizards guide your data input, resulting in swift and accurate outcomes. Whether you're tackling intricate blueprints or focusing on interior decor, Home Designer 6 delivers consistent excellence. Now, you can indulge in pro-level home planning, all from the comfort of your PC, and embrace your role as your own house builder.

Endless Furnishing Possibilities

Unlock a world of creativity with Ashampoo Home Design's extensive library of ready-to-use 3D objects. The software boasts support for a variety of 3D object formats, including SketchUp and Collada models. This means you have access to a vast collection of both generic and brand-specific models, enabling you to transform your design visions into tangible reality.

Simplified Photovoltaic Planning

Effortlessly incorporate photovoltaic systems with Ashampoo Home Design's user-friendly input aids. Whether you're designing a roof-mounted system or planning for a flat roof installation, the program streamlines the process. Define layouts, select modules from the object catalog, and establish placement, all while the software automatically configures roof settings. Your photovoltaic installation seamlessly integrates into your plan, creating a sustainable and efficient home.

Instant Redecoration and Visualization

Ashampoo Home Design also serves as your personal redecoration tool for both interior and exterior spaces. Precisely arrange furniture and decorations in advance, then embark on a virtual tour to visualize the outcomes instantly. This feature eliminates surprises and ensures a harmonious design. With an extensive selection of furniture, decorative elements, and plants, your creativity knows no bounds.

Complex Calculations Made Effortless

Whether you're calculating angles, lengths, areas, or volumes, Ashampoo Home Design takes care of the math for you. While you focus on designing, the software handles the calculations, generating highly accurate and realistic models. This transforms the program from a mere drawing tool into your gateway to precision and authenticity.

Immersive 3D Previews: Visualize Your Future Home

Experience the mesmerizing 3D view within Ashampoo Home Design. Embark on a virtual tour through your future buildings, long before construction commences. Wander freely through your virtual home, utilizing the lifelike light and shadow simulation to optimize furniture placement. This feature allows you to visualize complex architectural structures, providing a sneak peek into your forthcoming projects.

Fast and Intuitive Design

Ashampoo Home Design streamlines your creative journey through its ribbon toolbar, which logically organizes and groups functions. This intuitive interface grants swift access to each feature. With optimization designed to maximize system resources, complex calculations and animations unfold within seconds. Embrace the comfort and precision that Ashampoo Home Design offers, setting it apart from other home design software.