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O&O Software GmbH has been a certified Microsoft Partner for 10 years now. As a result of outstanding performances in developing software for Windows, O&O was made a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner/ISV in 2003, the highest possible accolade for an independent manufacturer.

In addition, O&O has licensed parts of the Microsoft Windows operating system for use in its data recovery and data imaging programs, in order to start a computer from CD-ROM even when the computer has no functioning operating system installed.

O&O AutoBackup 6 boxshot

O&O AutoBackup 6

Discount 20% O&O AutoBackup 6 will backup your files automatically and keep them fully in sync. Backup your photos and videos onto an external HDD or USB in no time! O&O AutoBackup copies the original files and syncs any future changes to them Learn More

O&O BlueCon 17 boxshot

O&O BlueCon 17

Discount 20% O&O BlueCon 17 offers a wide range of programs for repairing systems, searching and correcting errors, restoring lost data, resetting passwords Learn More

O&O CleverCache 7 boxshot

O&O CleverCache 7

Discount 20% O&O CleverCache optimizes your file cache management in Windows. This results in an enormous performance boost, sometimes doubling your original system speed without any additional hardware purchases or restrictions to your system’s stability Learn More

O&O Defrag 23 boxshot

O&O Defrag 23

Discount 20% A disk defragmenter used regularly can speed up a PC of any age and get it working like new again! Learn More

O&O DiskImage 15 boxshot

O&O DiskImage 15

Discount 20% O&O DiskImage 15 will backup data and whole computers. If you lose data, simply restore the backup and your computer or files are back just as before! Learn More

O&O DiskRecovery 14 boxshot

O&O DiskRecovery 14

Discount 20% O&O DiskRecovery reconstructs deleted data. O&O DiskRecovery supports all popular file formats, hard disks, memory cards or digital cameras Learn More

O&O DiskStat 2 boxshot

O&O DiskStat 2

Discount 20% O&O DiskStat 2 offers a Windows-Explorer type interface and a whole range of options to track down sources of wasted space Learn More

O&O DriveLED 4 boxshot

O&O DriveLED 4

Discount 20% Permanently monitors the status of your hard disks and warns you of any impending problems. With it, you’ll always have time to backup your data and so avoid losing any of it when exchanging a hard disk Learn More

O&O MediaRecovery 14 boxshot

O&O MediaRecovery 14

Discount 20% With O&O MediaRecovery you can recover deleted photos that captured those precious moments; last year’s vacation, the day you got married, or the first pictures of your children Learn More

O&O PartitionManager 3 boxshot

O&O PartitionManager 3

Reliable management of your hard disk The O&O PartitionManager offers you the possibility to subdivide your hard disk into partitions, to move these, to change their size and much more Learn More

O&O SafeErase 11 boxshot

O&O SafeErase 11

Discount 20% O&O SafeErase permanently deletes your confidential files using recognized methods so that a recovery is never possible, not even when using the best file recovery software Learn More

O&O SSD Migration Kit 7 boxshot

O&O SSD Migration Kit 7

Discount 20% The O&O SSD Migration Kit enables an easy and convenient migration of your partitions (drives) from conventional hard drives to SSDs (Solid State Drives) Learn More

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