O&O Defrag 27

Unlock Maximum Performance for Your PC with O&O Defrag 27

Say goodbye to sluggish computers hindering your productivity or entertainment! Let O&O Defrag revolutionize your hard disks and SSDs, delivering speed enhancements of up to 100%

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Introducing Intensive Optimize

Experience the fastest and most comprehensive optimization for Windows disks to date with O&O Intensive Optimize. A dedicated instance of Windows runs exclusively, allowing O&O Defrag 27 to maximize system performance and access all files simultaneously. No more compromises, whether they're system files or files locked during Windows operation.

Prevent PC Slowdown Over Time

As time passes, your PC naturally slows down due to file fragmentation. Think of your hard drive or SSD as a shoebox filled with notes (files). Windows scatters new notes, and when you need a file, it must piece together the "file snippets", causing delays and reduced performance.

How O&O Defrag 27 Rescues Your PC

O&O Defrag 27 organizes this "shoebox" by consolidating file snippets and writing them sequentially to the drive. It also reorganizes files to minimize access times, saving you time and safeguarding your data. Regular use boosts access speed and overall Windows system performance. Plus, O&O Defrag 27 can run seamlessly in the background, eliminating worries about "file snippets".

Simply Easy for Everyone

O&O Defrag 27 is designed for simplicity, ensuring a fast computer for everyone. The modern view eliminates complicated settings, and there's no need for difficult decisions. O&O Defrag 27 handles everything automatically. Choose whether to initiate manual defragmentation or let O&O Defrag 27 handle it all automatically.

Customize Your O&O Defrag 27 Experience

Tailor O&O Defrag 27 to your preferences with the option to choose your defragmentation strategy. In the classic view, access professional settings, or switch to the modern view for simplicity. The choice is yours.

System Maintenance Made Easy

O&O Defrag 27 scans your hard drive or SSD for inconsistencies and checks memory and Windows system files for errors. After the check, it highlights errors and offers direct correction using the repair function.

Free Up Storage Space

Don't let unnecessary files clutter your PC. O&O Defrag's improved DiskCleaner helps you eliminate unneeded files, freeing up valuable storage space and speeding up backups.

Remove Unnecessary Programs

Identify and uninstall unused programs easily with O&O Defrag 27. Increase security, save disk space (critical for SSDs), and ensure your system is clutter-free.

Automatic Background Defragmentation

Optimize your data volumes in the background without affecting your computer's performance. Configure O&O Defrag to start automatically based on fragmentation levels, specific days of the week, or when your screen saver is active.

Key Features of O&O Defrag 27:

Unlock the full potential of your PC with O&O Defrag 27. Experience unparalleled speed and efficiency effortlessly!