O&O PowerPack

Get your PC fighting-fit again!

With O&O PowerPack your PC gets performance improvements during the daily work and an increase in the lifespan of the hard disk. It gets 24-hour security, even in the event of a system crash or data loss, with synchronized data backup

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O&O PowerPack Product features

Top products in one Pack

O&O DiskImage 16
Backup your PC with O&O DiskImage 16
O&O DiskImage 16 lets you backup an entire computer and everything on it whenever you want – even while the computer’s being used. In the event data loss should ever occur, your data can be quickly restored with just a few mouse clicks – even when Windows is no longer able to start.
O&O Defrag 24
Up to 100% more speed with O&O Defrag 24
A professional defragmentation with O&O Defrag 24 gives old and new PCs fresh legs – and for the long-term!
If you spend a lot of time on your PC, slow system and program starts or system crashes while playing can be very frustrating. Periodic defragmentation often works wonders in bringing new life to a PC.
O&O SafeErase 16
Delete redundant data safely with O&O SafeErase 16
Delete old files, temporary files and internet files to take the load off your PC. The new O&O SafeErase 16 deletes these files forever – data spies have no chance!
All files, settings, applications and operating system are deleted so that a recovery is impossible.
O&O AutoBackup 6
Save your valuable data with O&O AutoBackup 6
The new O&O AutoBackup 6 automatically backs up and synchronizes selected files and folders with an external backup device so that in the event of a data loss it can be accessed again immediately.

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How do I get discount on O&O PowerPack products?

You can get discount by using a coupon code, which you can find on our page. Right now you can save up to 20% off.

How long do O&O PowerPack offer last?

The time within each offer is active, is different. The coupons you pick up during the sales are mainly active for the sale period.

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You can use only one coupon code for each order.