O&O Enterprise Management Console

The focal point of your network management

Manage and install our O&O programs easily from your desktop across your company network. Manual installation on each network computer is rendered superfluous thanks to the integrated remote installation. Company-wide, you can now create regular backups, optimize system resources, monitor storage and much more

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Save money and labor

Now you are able to manage your O&O programs from one central location in the network. The O&O Enterprise Management Console enables you to install O&O programs from remote; in addition, you can also distribute jobs onto individual clients and sites. All events are logged in detailed reports and stored in a databank so that you can retrieve information about the job execution status at all times.

Easy Operation

The simple and intuitive user interface is focused on the important functions of network management. The system is up and running in just a few minutes, and you can begin with the remote installations and the Job scheduling. The O&O Enterprise Management Console will explain each step for managing licenses on the network with the help of tutorials, for creating jobs, and transferring them onto clients. Equally simple is the creation of regular jobs such as daily images. Detailed dialogs support you in entering all important parameters.

Automatic installation and job execution

The remote installation of O&O products, specifically the installation of “product agents, ” is processed for you and your users transparently and automatically. To run a remote installation you need a network capable O&O program, client licenses, and a user account with administrator privileges appropriate to the clients. Jobs are automatically executed as soon as they are assigned to a computer. If for example a computer is not available at the time of the job distribution, the request is automatically repeated at timed intervals.

Scalable structure

The modular design of the O&O Enterprise Management Console adapts itself to your specific needs, requirements and company size. As a longstanding Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, all our products are designed to be compliant with Windows, to ensure maximum security for your system and your data.

To enable the central storage of all your information while using the O&O Enterprise Management, we are using the Microsoft SQL Server, which guarantees high flexibility and scalability when used with companies of any size.

The basic version of the O&O Enterprise Management includes the pre-configured Microsoft SQL Server Express upon delivery. The connection or the switch The integrated activeto more extensive versions of the SQL server is possible at all times and can be initiated with the help of an Assistant.

Continuous and secure communication

The communication between the server components and the clients can be encrypted using SSL if desired, so that attacks on data are blocked from both outside and inside. This and other security components guarantee a maximum of access security with minimal administrative burdens.

The integrated active components also guarantee the permanent synchronization of jobs and reports in the network. You will also be notified of new program versions. At a glance, you will see which O&O programs are installed on which computer. You will always have an overview of all the processes in your IT environment.

O&O Programs that can be integrated

You can manage the following O&O programs in their current versions with the O&O Enterprise Management Console in the network:

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