Ashampoo Music Studio 10

Music software to edit, convert and mix audio files

Unlock Your Music's Potential with Ashampoo Music Studio 10: The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife for Editing, Producing, Trimming, Mixing, and Organizing Audio Files

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Enhance Your Sound: Edit, Convert, and Mix Audio Files with Powerful Music Software

Unlock Your Music's Potential with Ashampoo Music Studio 10: The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife for Editing, Producing, Trimming, Mixing, and Organizing Audio Files

8 reasons for the new Ashampoo Music Studio 10!

Elevate Your Music Collection with Ashampoo Music Studio 10: Unlock the Power of Precise Audio Editing, Track Cutting, Burning, and More! Discover 8 Innovative Modules Designed for Music Enthusiasts to Convert, Mix, Organize, Create Custom Cover Artwork, and Expand Your Music Library Effortlessly.

Looping previews

Enhanced Audio Editing Experience: Seamlessly Select and Playback Portions Across Tracks with Ashampoo Music Studio. Effortlessly Stitch Parts Together and Experience Real-Time Playback of Changes for Easy Editing and Seamless Transitions.

More details and easier handling with title bars

Improved Track Organization and Editing with Ashampoo Music Studio: Dedicated Title Bars for Each Track, Simplifying Dragging and Rearranging for an Intuitive Mixing and Editing Experience.

It's all about context

Boost Your Productivity with Ashampoo Music Studio: Instant Feature Access and Time-Saving Options through the Right-Click Context Menu and Enhanced Tool Bar.

Splitting made easy

Effortlessly Split Tracks with Ashampoo Music Studio 10: Instantly Divide Tracks into Three Parts Based on Selections for Easy Equalizer Application and Enhanced Editing.

More tags for your tracks

Enhance Your Music Collection with Ashampoo Music Studio 10: 18 Supported Tag Types for Comprehensive Metadata, Perfect for Perfectionists and Music Enthusiasts.

There can only be one? Not any more!

Elevate Your Music Experience: Ashampoo Music Studio 10 Allows Multiple Photo Additions to Your Songs, Including Booklets, Band Photos, and Sleeve Artwork.

It's only logical

Streamlined Editing Experience: Ashampoo Music Studio 10 Intelligently Presents Contextual Features in the Editor, Ensuring a Focused and Efficient Workflow for Editing Multiple Tracks Simultaneously.

Small things matter too

Unlock Your Music Editing Potential with Ashampoo Music Studio 10: Experience Smart Track Positioning, Seamless Blending, and Category-based Tag Management for Precise Rearrangement and Format Conversion without Compromising Existing Tags.

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