Ashampoo UnInstaller 12

Uninstall software completely

Ashampoo UnInstaller 12 removes unwanted programs and ensures complete removal with four deletion methods for applications, Windows apps, and plugins

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Better uninstallations than Windows alone!

Ashampoo UnInstaller 12 ensures complete removal of software without any leftover files or worries. It monitors every installation thoroughly for easy uninstallation. Even unmonitored installations can be fully removed with the program's four-way uninstallation method and deep cleaning. You have full control over what stays or goes on your PC with Ashampoo UnInstaller 12.

In just one click, Ashampoo UnInstaller 12 removes unwanted software, browser extensions, and toolbars. The program also offers snapshot technology to display every modification made to your files and Windows Registry during installations.

Reject unwanted programs!

Ashampoo UnInstaller 12 empowers your system! Programs not in use can be hibernated to prevent associated Autostart entries, tasks, and services from loading and straining your system. The cleaners, now 50% faster with better results, are powered by a new search algorithm.

Ashampoo UnInstaller 12 supports the latest browsers and Windows 11, with improved memory consumption. Its new cookie management feature works across browsers and lets you whitelist domains using wildcard characters. The uninstaller also boasts enhanced visuals, improved ease of use, and better safety - making it the best-in-class. Get ready for Ashampoo UnInstaller 12!

Key features

Hibernate your programs!

Why waste resources on running programs you're not using? Hibernate them instead! This disables Autostart entries, tasks, and services, freeing up your machine's full power until you need the program again.

Maximize your CPU's performance for essential tasks, shorten boot times, and free up system memory by hibernating programs you're not using. Simply click to wake them up again when needed.

Cleaners, elevated

Experience the power of Ashampoo UnInstaller 12. With 50% faster cleaners and superior junk detection, it uses fewer system resources and maximizes multi-core machines.

Find and eliminate junk files, web browsing traces, and corrupt Registry entries quickly with customizable cleaning procedures and smart filters that work across multiple browsers and user profiles. Reclaim your valuable disk space in seconds!

Manage cookies universally

Internet cookies, once helpful, have become a privacy nightmare. Manage your cookies safely across all browsers with new cookie manager!

Safeguard your privacy by keeping essential cookies while removing invasive ones. Use wildcard characters to mark entire domains as safe, or manually add individual URLs. These settings apply across all browsers and can be exported/imported for easy transfer between devices.

Thorough cleaning, clear results

UnInstaller's strength lies in its meticulous scanning, which sets it apart from other programs. With the new cleaners, in-depth cleaning is more thorough than ever before.

Enjoy a refreshed start page with new animations, concise status messages, and improved contrast. "Impact" now considers scheduled tasks for more realistic results. Cleaner modules boast buttery smooth animations, and the new uninstall algorithm exercises extra caution with system-critical areas, so you can rest easy.

Auto-install and uninstall

Our installation guard detects various installer types and optimizes per-type to monitor system changes. Logging starts and stops automatically in most cases, allowing you to sit back and watch!

Ashampoo UnInstaller 12 can differentiate between fresh installations and updates, preventing inaccurate logging. This feature significantly improves its logging capabilities, providing a detailed picture of what occurs during installations on your PC.

Categorized program review

Ashampoo UnInstaller 12 simplifies software management by categorizing your installed programs for easier access. It recognizes and sorts your applications into relevant categories, so you can easily keep track of your software.

It's possible to manually categorize newly discovered applications, even those that are very recent. The categories view is highly convenient, so you can opt to make it your Ashampoo UnInstaller 12 start page.

Works with Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 too

Ashampoo UnInstaller 12 not only eliminates obsolete or inadequate applications from your computer but also removes all the malicious programs that were surreptitiously installed. Download portals, in particular, have a penchant for bundling their software with dubious "add-ons" that can qualify as spyware or malware.

Ashampoo UnInstaller 12 can detect and remove potentially unwanted programs (PUP), which are frequently disguised as toolbars or other utilities. These programs don't stand a chance against Ashampoo UnInstaller 12. We don't like them, and we're confident that you don't either! Ashampoo UnInstaller 12 can even identify nested installers and eliminate them from your system at your convenience.

Complete system startup view

Wondering what happens inside your PC when you power it on? Which programs and tasks are loaded, and how can you make the process faster? Boot Center reveals everything that occurs during booting. You can inspect the running processes and autorun entries and disable redundant programs, including default system apps!

Boost your Windows PC's boot time by removing unnecessary items from the convenient task view that lists all Windows tasks, including orphaned entries that may have been left behind during uninstalls.

Inspect tasks and remove unnecessary baggage

Say goodbye to dull system menus and welcome a visually appealing Windows task scheduler! Easily locate redundant or orphaned tasks, apply filters for a clearer view, and disable or delete useless ones. Unsure of which tasks to delete? No problem! The intelligent built-in online search feature can help you decide.

Ideal heuristics and database-based uninstalls

Ashampoo UnInstaller 12 adapts to the behavior of various installers on Windows machines. It recognizes and understands the behavior of commonly used installers. Similar to heuristics in anti-virus software, Ashampoo UnInstaller 12 uses its background knowledge to monitor and log setups. It's the only uninstaller that performs this function! Log files are more secure, detailed, and capable of distinguishing between program installations and updates.

Thanks to this new technology, Ashampoo UnInstaller 12 can easily identify residual files and reverse even the most intricate or unconventional installations!

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