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Better security for social networking, browsing and downloading

A real-time security for most complicated threats is offered by AVG AntiVirus 2013. With this kind of protection you can download, chat and swap files or folders without trouble alongside you would be capable of watching videos and playing games without disruption or worry; share files, send messages and download safely.

AVG AntiVirus 2013 Safety

AVG AntiVirus 2013 creates best antivirus for windows 8 programs, not only because it is outstanding but also it is effective. Moreover, third-party test labs and many users are in its support. It is more than an antivirus and also protects you from attempts of phishing as well. This also works on the android devices.

Identifies and prevents threats, malware and viruses.

Very simple to use, security which is needed by everybody

Our work is to prevent viruses from entering your PC. Before opening your file we verify them, check your Facebook previous links which you have clicked as well as your email ahead of your visit.

Assists to prevent, take away, and stop prevalence of worms, viruses along with Trojans.
Anti-malware (AVG Resident safeguard)
Keeps your computer safe from malware and stops infected files.
Anti-root kit
Identifies and removes software hidden in rook kits which tries to control the PC.
Email Scanner
It can become aware of those emails which are infected or else inbounds accessories so there is no option for them to harm your computer. This is works at the same time as a plug-in for applications of emails together with Microsoft Outlook® 2010 or like a scanner for SMTP, IMAP and POP3 accounts.
Defensive Cloud Technology
It can recognizes as well as put off up-and-coming threats “in the cloud” by the use of up-to-dates to your software of antivirus which is automatic
Community Security Network
It can immediately exchange each innovative warning which can be met by some of the associate of our community interested in security and this is for everyone. Community security network of AVG inserts best ever antivirus security for the whole community of AVG.
AVG Link Scanner® Surf-Shield
This is smart avoidance technology which prevents you from striking contaminated or corrupt sites. Each web page is checked actively just ahead of your click and if anything suspicious is detected it can stop you.
Protection of AVG on social network
Protects you from malicious links get transferred from social networks and keeps you and your friend safe.

Prevents suspicious files as well as links

Advanced safety which permits sharing of files and links securely
There are period when it is excellent to receive things that were not expected and period once it is not. We are able to analyze files before your download as well as share those files. When you are immediate messaging we can make sure that they are safe and sound.

Online Shield
Makes the files safe before downloading and guards the exchanged files on MSN, Yahoo and ICQ.

Free of charge mobile protection integrated

Necessary security for your Android operated device
Without our cell phone every one of us would be trapped and if you can use yours cell phones in similar to your use of computer, it is a benefit for you that you can look after it in the similar system. So it doesn’t matter what kind of computer protection is chosen by you, the point is you find free cellular phone security additionally.

AVG Mobilation™ Antivirus free of charge for Android™
Conflicts with malware and viruses as a result you can receive SMS, make calls, download video, apps music, and download music and also browse the web assertively by knowing that you are kept protected all the time.

Moreover facilitate you categorize apps as well as settings that may reduce speed of your cell phone. Benefit of this is if you yet lose your cell phone, it cans help out you find furthermore locate it by using the satellite based technology. It can maintain your individual information safe and sound by wiping otherwise combination locking it.

It is trouble-free to use as well as supported by each and every one versions of Android OS, v1.6 onwards.

AVG AntiVirus 2013 key features


Stops spying as well as stealing of data

Initially you should have the authority to control your works online

The most important thing is your privacy. Whether it is your uniqueness otherwise knowing the tracker who is following your information as well as what they might do with your information. Anyone it is, we have the ability to get it protected.

AVG Don’t Track
Enables you to recognize which sites are gathering data on your activities online and also gives you the choice whether to allow it or not. This option is available only when the Security Toolbar of AVG is taken by you, as an element of your setup otherwise as a plug-in which is separate. Mozilla Firefox® Internet Explorer®, also Google Chrome® are supported by it.
Identity Protection
Keeps your personal data safe when you are online and besides saves your personal data from illegal use.
Saves you from the personal data tracking of Adware and Spyware.
Wi-Fi Guard
Prevents you to access unknown Wi-Fi networks, which may be of hackers by warning you.


Creates a speedy computer
More rapid scanning and a faster computer, the main reason is antivirus would never slow down your PC.

We are being anxious that putting any stuff on our computer can have an effect on performance. We can make sure that our ‘stuff’ never slow down your pc.

Turbo Scan
Security-scanning times take noticeably short time. For this, thanks to scanning sequence which is smarter and that go after the order in which folders or files are saved to the hard drive.
Game Mode
Maintain scans as well as brings up to date at inlet at the same time as you play. This is done to keep away from lags and freezes .It also protects your digital profile from the hackers who are looking take away your game rewards and sell them.
Smart Scanner
Scans the computer, when the computer is not being used. The mood is changed to low priority at the start of your work. Escapes previously scanned files to use less time.

Runs your computer effortlessly
Boots your PC’s performance quickly

A few tools are added to keep your hard disk happy along with making you junk free.

Quick Tune
Repairs windows registry, defragments and clean ups hard drives for smooth running on a regular basis.

Simple achievement advice with alerts

The simple interface deals with all the problems and alerts you at the right time and helps you to fix all problems with one click fix button.

Reacts to issues of performance with recommendations to increase speed of surfing and use a less bandwidth with memory.
Trouble-free Interface
This fully goes with Windows 8 and an interface is designed in such a way that it is easy to use for protection.
Finds out threats and with the auto fix button fixes all problems at one click.
Highest level security is provided via auto update of technology.


AVG’s internet security for Windows 8 protects your pc from all types of infections, bad links and also provides security for your mobile device along with your computer.

AVG AntiVirus 2013 Installation Requirements:

Operation Systems Supported

AVG AntiVirus 2013 is intended to protect workstations with the following operating systems:

(and possibly higher service packs for specific operating systems)

Note: The Identity component is not supported on Windows XP x64. On this operating system you can install AVG AntiVirus 2013 but only without the IDP component.

Minimum & Recommended HW Requirements

Minimum hardware requirements for AVG AntiVirus 2013:

Recommended hardware requirements for AVG AntiVirus 2013:

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