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The best protection of virus now for a faster computer with Quick Tune

Get the finest protection from us for you and your data which is private

AVG Internet Security 2013 Key Benefits


Viruses malware and threats are detected and stopped

Safely share and download files
It is checked if a file is safe or not before you click
Stops viruses from instant messages
Links are checked for safety before your click
Extra! Free protection for mobile
Necessary antivirus and theft protection and loss of your Android device are included
Your email is kept safe
Online scammers and spam are prevented


Secured when banking and shopping
This for complete protection for the personal data that is entered online
Hackers are stooped
Blocks all the attempts that are made to get stored data from your computer


Start-up of PC and scan is faster ad streaming of video
For the complete experience of viewing of videos
PC is kept running more smoothly
A performance boost for your computer is quick


Free support via phone and upgrade of priorities
24x7 we are at your service at the time of your need

AVG Internet Security 2013 Key Features


Malware, viruses and threats are detected and stopped

Finest and easy protection is provided which is needed by everyone

It is our task to stop viruses before they reach your computer. Your files are checked before your opening, links in Facebook are checked before clicking, emails and websites are also checked before visiting them

The spread of Trojans, worms and viruses are prevented, stooped or removed
AVG resident shield(anti-malware)
Safeguards you from any malware and stops any type of infection
Anti-rootkit of AVG
prevents rootkits that hide malicious software from taking control of your computer
Email Scanner of AVG
the rogue inbound attachments that can harm your computer is detected before reaching. This for Microsoft Outlook 2010 works as a plug in for applications of email and for POP3, SMTP and IMAP accounts as a scanner.
Protective technology of cloud of AVG
by updating automatically saves your computer from upcoming threats ‘’in the cloud’’.
Community Protection network of AVG
if one member of the community faces a threat then it is converted for every member of the community so that there are saved from it. For the entire community of AVG this gives the best protection antivirus.
Surf shield, LinkScanner of AVG
this is a smart technology which prevents you from entering into site that are infected or malicious. Before your click every page of a site is checked and stopped if found suspicious.
AVG protection on Social network
Links that are exchanged in any social networking site like Facebook or Twitter are checked to keep you and your fellow mates from any type of infection.

Unsecure links and files are stopped

Improved protection allows safely sharing of files

It is always good to get surprises at the time when the surprised thing is mostly needed. Downloads and share are checked by us before they are used by you even this checking is done when you are instant messaging.

Online Shield of AVG
Before downloads files are checked and you are also secured when you share them over MSN, ICQ and Yahoo.

Online scammers and spams are prevented

Provides the best protection and keeps you safe from online scams

People are known who is likely o be seen in our inbox. In this case we keep our eyes on the visitors who are not welcome and may have intention of phishing or scam so that you can keep yourself focused on the visitors who you welcome.

Anti spam of AVG
Scammers and spammers are stopped from reaching you. By checking all your emails it reduces you chances to fall in the hands of online scam.

Free protection for mobile is included

This provides needed protection for your Android mobile

Without mobile we will be all stuck and if it is also used as we use our computer then it also needs good protection. It doesn’t matter what program for your PC is chosen you are provided with free protection for your mobile.

AVG Mobilation free Antivirus for Android

Knowing that you are always safe you can make calls, send sms, download apps, music and video and without any worries browse the internet.

This additionally helps you to find out the apps that will make your phone slow. In case when the phone is lost this can help you to find it via its satellite technology and also by wiping or locking protect your personal data.

From 1.6 version of Android it works on every phone and is very simple to use.

The same protection is available for iOS and windows phone via free products of Family Safety® so you need not to worry if you don’t have an Android device.


Stops theft of data and spying

You can limit the persons who can see your activity online and you can control it by the basic tool.

Privacy of yours is vital. It can be your identity or the people who are trying get their hands on your data or your activity and what is their intention to do with those. We can save you from any of these.

Do not track of AVG
This notifies you if some websites are keeping record of your online activity and also gives you the chance to allow them or not. You can get this facility if AVG security toolbar is installed at the time of installation or installed later as a plug-in. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chore Browsers are supported to it.
AVG identity protection
this keeps your private data safe at the time of use of internet and also prevents hackers from stealing it.
your identity is kept secured from Adware and Spyware which tries to track personal information.
Wi-Fi guard of AVG
by alerting at the time of trying to access a Wi-Fi network which is not known it saves you from hackers who try to get your information’s by some access points.

Your personal data is protected from hackers

Complete protection for personal information which is entered online, details of bank account and number of credit card.

This keeps you tension free during using your credit card number or your bank account and it doesn’t matter which bank you are using. To let you concentrate on bargains your personal data which is entered online is taken care by us.

Enhanced firewall of AVG
hackers who tries to access the personal data that is stored in the computer is stopped. Prevents malware from taking any sort of control over your PC and also saves other peoples from harm. This works in both wireless and wired networks.


This ensures you a speedy computer

Antivirus doesn’t make the system slow so the scanning speed and the system running speed are fast.

Putting things in computer affects the performance we all have this general thought. But our things never make your PC slow.

Turbo Scan of AVG
saves the time of scanning by the process of smart sequence scanning by which files are saved in the hard disk.
Gaming mode
scans and updates are kept at the bay at the time of your playing so that you are free from freezes or lags. Your digital profile is also safeguarded from hackers so that they cannot steal your gami8ng rewards and try to sell them.
Smart scanner of AVG
your PC is only scanned when it is not being used. The mode of priority changes when you start working or even by a single mouse click. The safe files are skipped to shorten the time of scans.

Your computer is kept smoothly running

A quick boost for performance of your PC

Few small but smart tools are included to remove some junks in order to keep the hard drive healthy.

Quick tune of AVG
by frequent defragmenting keeps your hard drive smooth and clean by eliminating all the junk files, shortcuts which are broken and repairing Registry of Windows.

Accelerates experience of Web

For the complete experience of viewing of video

Faster and smoother streaming of video is wanted by everyone. So if majority of your time is spend on YouTube then you are surely going to like this

AVG accelerator
by maximizing download of data which is binary and speeds of connections a smoother and faster video streaming is offered. This noticeably improves the video experience of YouTube.


Free support by Phone

At any time of need we are always there.

Free support of AVG
every day of the year our experts are there to solve your problems, all you need to do is give a free cal.

Alerts and easy to action advice

The actions related to opportunities or performance problems which can be taken by the super easy interface are detected.

If anything to worry is found then we will alert you so that you can take proper actions and also fix by the one click super fix option. As the interface is much easier now it is so much easy to do.

Advisor of AVG
performance issues which are related to speed are responded and also the solution is recommended. Gives you alerts about the applications which need a lot of memory space a bandwidth and lets you to shut them down.
Interface is easy
the interface is designed as it will ask less from the user and AVG 2013 to provide the easiest security. This software is also good in Windows 8.
Auto-Fix of AVG
the risk of security is detected and lets you to fix it by the one click auto fix button to restore the system to the best mode of protection.
Auto updates of AVG
it will be made sure by us that you be at the highest level of security by constant updates as our technology is inno0vative and evolving.
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AVG Internet SecurityJust ReleasedAVG Internet Security. AVG Internet Security now comes with new Webcam Protection and Ransomware Protection features to secure your personal files — and your private life.

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