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The antivirus which is the acknowledged as the antivirus of the year is Bitdefender

With a scanning technology which is extremely fast and non –intrusive, silent protection from e-threats is provided.

Without any slowdowns, get the advantages of the best internet security at a very high speed. Bitdefender PhotonTM is a new technology which by adapting with your computer increases the speed of scanning.

Bitdefender Internet Security key benefits

Confidently shop and bank
Your payments are safeguarded by Bitdefender Safepay and information of your account is also automatically filled.
Protect your private identity
Socialize and browse the internet without any worries. Hackers cannot access or take away your private data.
No popup or interruptions
Bitdefender Autopilot provides silent security by taking all the necessary security related decisions.
Bitdefender Safepay™
Gives you protection from hackers by making all the credit transactions in a separate and secured browser and also keeps everything you need within your reach.
Firewall is of two ways
This firewall of two always keeps an eye on the connections of internet and stops if something unauthorized tries to break in even over Wi-Fi.
Better antispam of cloud
On the basis of cloud technology prevents the infected mails from reaching into your account.
Active Control of Virus
Active control of virus is a technology which is dynamic and proactive. By this activities are monitored in real time and the malicious are identified at the time of their running.
Rescue Mode
Some threats like e-threats or rootkits cannot be removed in the normal environment of windows so the system is rebooted into a rescue mode and all the cleaning up and system restoration is done.
Scanner of vulnerability
This scanner of vulnerability looks for missing patches of windows, out of date security software and system settings which are not potentially safe.
Latest report of security
The latest feature shows all the security concerns over the previous week which includes scans, disinfections, issues which are pending, and the way to fix them alongside ne recommendation for features and notifications of modules which are not used.
Widget of security
This widget gives you the chance to keep records of all the tasks related to security and additionally allows you to scan file by simple drag and drop from the desktop.
Dashboard of Mybitdefender
In the MyBitdefender dashboard get to know about all the license information and services of the software. Now this feature can be accessed from anywhere via the internet through any device.
Remote management
By using MyBitdefender you can make solution or fix the entire problem relating to Bitdefender from any place remotely.
Immunizer of USB
When a flash drive is connected to your computer it is immunized and thus you are free from nay type of infections from flash drives.
Bitdefender Autopilot™
There are no notifications and you need nothing to configure as all the optimal decisions are made by the software without disturbing you.
Protection on social network
The links you receive from friends on Facebook or any networking site is monitored which also includes the settings and also filters and blocks any threats from any social site. All these are done by Bitdefender Safego™.
Advisor of search
The filters that detects malware and attempts of phishing from Bing and Google search results depend on the information’s provided from the cloud technology of Bitdefender.
The credentials which are sensitive are stored and also log you in into your liked sites and apps along with emails.
Advanced parental control
The contents which are not appropriate are blocked and also keep your child away from using the internet in certain time and also restrict their activity and offer you a chance to be aware of their activity.
Anti-theft of device
From any device that has internet access you can lock, locate or wipe your laptop.
Filter of personal information
Critical information like social security number of you is prohibited from leaving your PC ever.
By analyzing blocks the sites which are related to credit card phishing attempts and scams.
Encryption of chat
On Yahoo Messenger your conversation is kept personal
Shredder of files
This makes sure that the deleted sensitive file no longer exists in the computer.
Bitdefender Photon™
By adapting to your computer this innovative technology accelerates the performance in just few hours.

Bitdefender Internet Security key features

Non-disturbing and superfast speed
The revolutionary technology of Bitdefender Photon™ boosts the time of scanning and removes any risks of slowdown within hours by molding to your computer gradually.
Advanced Bitdefender Safepay™
Protects while shopping and banking online keeping your private information safe.
Report of security
Shows overall status of status of the previous week, shows recommendation to fix existing problems and setup features that are not active and make your protection complete.
Keeping all the sensitive credential safe automatically logs in into liked apps and sites.
Bitdefender Autopilot™
Without interruptions or slowdowns play watch movies to enjoy your computer totally. Give Bitdefender to take all the decisions relating to security.
Protection of online privacy
Browse and socialize on the internet without any tension of your personal data getting stolen, because they are protected from hackers even one cannot see it.
Firewall of two-way
Keeps an eye on the connections of internet and also prohibits unknown persons from using your Wi-Fi.
Better parental control
Keeps away contents which are not suitable for children also limits their use of internet and keeps a track of their activities.
Advanced antispam in cloud
Based on technology of cloud stops emails that are not wanted from entering your inbox.
Secured storage in online
In free 2Gb data all the information’s can be stored in the online storage and can be accessed by iphones, ipads and other android or mobile devices.
Anti-theft of device
Keeps your laptop safe from any place by locking or wiping it.
Antispyware and antivirus
Gives protection against all types of threat from the net. Without making the system slow monitors the resources of system and runs the program when there is free enough space.
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Bitdefender Internet Security 2018Just ReleasedBitdefender Internet Security 2018. Absolute power in the most efficient antivirus available today. Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 works against all threats – from viruses, worms and Trojans, to ransomware, zero-day exploits, rootkits and spyware. Your data and your privacy are in good hands.

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