F-Secure SAFE

Internet security for PCs,
Macs, smartphones and tablets.

F-Secure SAFE gives you multi-device Internet security for your PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet. It protects all your devices against malware, hackers and identity theft.

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Protect your life on every device

Remember, only devices with SAFE installed are protected from viruses and other threats!

F‑Secure SAFE is an award-winning internet security suite which protects you from viruses, trojans and ransomware. SAFE also secures your online banking connection. You can set limits for internet usage for children. You and your family can surf safely β€” both on desktop and mobile.

What is F-Secure SAFE?

SAFE is a security service you can install on your computer, smartphone or table to protect yourself and your loved ones against various types of threats.

SAFE provides virus protection against malicious applications (apps) that try to invade your privacy and steal valuable personal information, such as your identification details or your credit card details. SAFE also prevents criminals from using such apps to take control of your device and misuse it to spread harmful software or spam messages to other devices.

Get all this with F-Secure SAFE

Protect your security and privacy β€” keep your devices safe from viruses, ransomware and spyware
Handle your online shopping, banking and all other surfing without worries
Family Rules
Protect your family with one subscription and set healthy boundaries for kids' device use
Device finder
Locate your lost Android or iOS device, and lock or erase your Android device remotely

F-Secure SAFE Features

Find your Android and iOS devices and manage them remotely through My F-Secure.
Virus protection
Keep your devices safe from viruses, trojans, ransomware, adware, keyloggers, spyware, and other malware with our award-winning antivirus technology.
Browsing protection
Explore the internet and stay safe from harmful and dangerous web pages to ensure your security and privacy.
Ransomware protection
Stay ahead of online criminals and protect yourself from the increasing amount of ransomware.
Banking protection
Banking protection lets you know when you enter a safe banking site and secures the connection to the site, keeping your money safe.
Family rules
Protect your kids' safety online by setting limits for their screen time and blocking harmful content.
Network checker
Network protection runs silently in the background and keeps checking the safety of any network that you connect to.
Customer support
Contact our F-Secure experts for help and advice thorough phone or chat.

What is Browsing Protection?

Browsing Protection by F-Secure is a browser extension/add-on that is part of the F-Secure SAFE software package that you purchase. The extension is currently available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. The extension is automatically installed when you install F-Secure SAFE on your computer, and for most web browsers, the Browsing Protection extension needs to be enabled separately when you open up your selected browser for the first time.

With the extension enabled in your browser, Browsing Protection (known as Safe Browsing on mobile devices) ensures safe browsing and safe internet banking by supporting both encrypted (HTTPS), as well as non-encrypted (HTTP) traffic.

Browsing Protection also blocks harmful and suspicious websites to ensure the safety of your computer and personal data. For example, unwanted web pages can be blocked with a 'block page' notification. It also adds a reputation rating icon before each link on your search result page by enforcing safe search mode for search engines, also if HTTPS is used. This helps you avoid harmful and suspicious websites even before clicking on them. This feature is available for Google, Yahoo and Bing! search engines.

What is Banking Protection and how does it work?

Banking Protection adds another layer of security when banking online and/or carrying out online money transactions.

When using Banking Protection, every website you enter is checked by querying our Security Cloud. By carrying out this check, Banking Protection gets the information whether the site is listed as one of our trusted banking sites or not. If it is, a notification is shown indicating that you are entering an online banking site secured with https, and that Banking Protection deems the site safe for you to use.

When you start your next online banking session, Banking Protection automatically gets activated again.

Supported platforms Windows 7 or later, OS X 10.10 or later, Android 4.0.3 or later, iOS 9 or later.

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