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Trusted Windows Backup, PC Upgrade

Windows backup system demands an assurance or warranty. FarStone Total Backup recovery is considered to be the most reliable and credible source for windows backup, up gradation of computer and disk copying process.

FarStone TotalRecovery Pro 9 Key Features

You can easily prevent your computers whether they are personal or official from losing your valuable data thus keeping them safe from any future danger. If some mishap occurs, than one can easily retrieve his data in case of some urgency. This total backup recovery can easily retrieve almost all files, folders, videos etc. This program can not only recover all the lost data but can also recover the whole virus infected windows, hard drive problems and other unpredictable damages.

In a very easy way, the Total Backup Recovery can substitute different changes to your computer with its special Set-It-And-Forget-It item in a highly systematic way based on regular intervals.

The main advantages of TotalRecovery Pro 9

Many features that are offered by TotalRecovery Pro 9 are given below:

Windows Backup and Recovery Are All In One.
TotalRecovery has proved itself to be the most reliable source to prevent your systems against viruses and to restore your valuable data in case of being lost as well as to help save your system from different damages and hardware problems.
Encryption of File.
Now it is possible to convert your private file using AES encryption (up to 256 bit), used in defense department of United States to inhibit illegal approaches to recovery systems.
Crashed Windows System Restored.
Start operating system with FarStone Recovery Manager from a bootable source to undergo a bare-metal PC recovery without the necessity to install the windows or any other application again.
Open File Backup.
Recovery system keep the file open however their applications such as outlook or database go on working to make sure the constant recovery of system.
Access of Backing Up Anywhere.
You can easily recover different devices such as flash drive, local hard drive, Backup to a local hard drive, network, ftp, NAS, etc
No more "Disk Is Full" For Quota Management.
You can generate and impose boundaries to use storage capacity. It would systematically use the previous restored space again and again for new recovery.
Command Which Are Pre And Post.
You can use previously explained commands to undergo different jobs before and after the accomplishments of a pre-planned task.
Notified Through Email.
Get instant notifications regarding all pre planned restorations tasks and get outcomes through email.
Rescue of Emergency File.
Taking the help of recovery manager’s file safe utility one can easily search and recover files from a damaged windows system.
Support VMware & Hyper-v P2V and V2P.
Now you can transform a recovered image file to a VMware (VMDK) or Hyper-V (VHD) file set-up to operate it directly on an actual machine.
Cloning of Solid State Drive (SSD).
One can easily copy his hard drive to a number of sizes SSD drive to enhance its working abilities. Overall restoration can systematically accommodate and adjust sizes of segregations.
Disk and Partition Cloning.
One can copy files, applications and windows systems as a whole to a different hard disk or SSD. Overall restoration can further accommodate and adjust sizes of segregations.
FTP Remote Replication and Offsite Backup.
Mechanical restoration and copy to distant FTP site will make sure that one holds double copies of restored data. One can be found in local storage and the other on in distant storage.
Incremental Backup is Advance.
Data restorations done by TotalRecovery only alters your file by sectors while other software recover files as a whole thereby proving to be a complete wastage of time.
Designed in favor of Peace of Mind.
TotalRecovery software has proved itself to be a complete package of data recovery solutions comprising all the distinguishing characteristics that you desire.
Technical Support is free of charge.
Our intimate staff is always ready to provide you every kind of help and free technical assistance that you need regarding TotalRecovery products.
Supported By Google Desktop Search.
You can take help from google desktop search to find your photos, images, music and other google appliances in TotalRecovery backup images.
Supported By All Rescue Bootable Media.
This device assist a number of operating media including CD, DVD, flash drives etc. Boot media is something that helps you to operate in a restoration system to recover the data when the system is unable to start.
Schedule is Incremental and Intelligent.
This schedule works as automatic recovery and demonstrate itself as "set it and forget it" recovery system.

TotalRecovery Pro 9 requirements:

Backup Destination Storage
Operating System Supported

Windows 8 (32 & 64-bit), Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit), Windows Vista (32 & 64-bit), Windows XP (32 & 64-bit)

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