Macrium Reflect

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Macrium Reflect Disk image, file backup and disk cloning

Make backup of the entire computer in a single compressed file of image. Files and folders can be backed up in a sole compacted archive. Whole disk images and partitions can be recovered by a few clicks of mouse, GPT and MBR supports of disk.

Macrium Reflect Benefits

Imaging of disk.
Allows you to do restoration of operating system or volumes of data by creating images of disks or partitions without doing reinstallation.
Backups which are differential and incremental.
These backups can be created from a whole backup and needs a less amount of time than the complete backup.
Backup of files and folders.
Several collections of folders & files can be backed up from different storages.
Protection of password.
To restrict access set password for more protection.
Management of space of disk.
Fixing the number of backups to be done manage the space of disk.
Verification of image.
Check backups which have been created or to be created to make sure they are working properly.
Definitions of backup.
To be executed as scripts backups is stored inside files of definition so that the tasks can be done as tasks which are scheduled or direct on desktop as the shortcuts.
Backups which are scheduled.
For operation of backup which are unattended, run definition s of backup as task of windows on the basis of day, week and month.
Support of scripting.
Definitions of backup can be used in MS-DOS batch files and in VBScript to add them in the main flow of work.
Make backups compressed.
To save space of disk methods of industry level is used for compression.
Search backups.
Images can be mounted in Windows explorer to look for them in the future like the browsing of normal disks.
Masks of files and folders.
Indicate the several inclusion and omission of masks in case of files and folders to do only the required backup of selected data.
Protection of password and Advanced Encryption standard.
AES is used for encryption of backups and there is option to choose between bit strengths of 128, 192 & 256 for making the level of encryption high.

Macrium Reflect new and improved features

Redeploy of server.
Operating system server of Windows can be restored into a hardware which is new using this feature which offers a clean, easy and spontaneous interface for users of servers.
Support of WinPE driver.
It has not been this easy to add Microsoft WinPE driver support. This software will rapidly work to add drivers of devices which are unsupported in WinPE.
Direct cloning of disk.
One hard disk can be copied into another without the creation of file of image first. During this process the hard disks can be resized and brought into order.
Kernel version of Linux is 3.0.
The newest version of kernel of Linux providing support for new devices like the 3.0 USB.
Component of email is integrated.
Send completion of backup status as notification via email with the latest component of email which is integrated.
Resize and rearrange partitions.
At the time of restoring rearrange and change the volume of partitions.
Restoring of several partitions.
By a sole operation do restoring of more than one partition.
Rotation of backup destination.
Simply rotate the destination of backups by indicating a list of optional locations of backup.
NFTS permissions of backup of files and folders.
NFTS permissions can be included in the control lists as an addition to the backup of files and folders which can be further restored.
User interface controlled by drag and drop mechanism.
There are no spontaneous user interface of users which does backup and restoring by drop and drag mechanism. The instinctive user interface is very fast and easy to use which has made backup and restoring simpler.
Support of UEFI.
Newest motherboards of UEFI along with the booting of GPT are supported.

Macrium Reflect requirements:

In order to run Macrium Reflect, you must have a system that has the following minimum system requirements:

If you wish to use the rescue media, you will need either a DVD writeable drive or USB pen drive.

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