Acronis True Image 2013 Family Pack

Acronis True Image 2013 Family Pack is PC back-up and recovery software.

Acronis True Image 2013 Family Pack is a new and revolutionary retrieval and back-up software. There is a computer saying that a person would not create a back-up of the information stored on his computer with Acronis True Image 2013 Family Pack until and unless he has completely lost it. The person surely would have lost his important photos, music, videos and documents before he could've stored it in a secure place.

This back-up and recovery software is extremely plain too. The software has initiatedor originated out of the developer's own official system data replicating application that has the ability to make a copy of almost anything and store it on hard drive.It does variety of back-ups such as system, online, file, scheduled and real-time back-up.

When you insert the DVD of the Acronis True Image 2013 Family Pack into your system, and run the application it instantly asks you to download the “latest version”. Now this is something very bad and terrible on behalf of the developer. While installing, the installation time is significantly increased because you can't save the downloaded new version before installation and the software suits 3 PCs.Moreover the serial number is 71-characters long which is quite troubling to use.

After this trouble, things ahead are much simpler.The start-up window is good and gives a quick review of thepurposes of different features of softwares and teaches how to use the Wizard to establish back-ups.The full back-up window offers you greater control over back-ups by offering a set of checks. Moreover you can schedule or arrange back-ups according to your work.Also this software can keep a back-up of files that are running or are currently in use. This can be helpful in using OUTLOOK files.

The programs allows you to regulate the size and number of full, differential, chain back-ups etc. by enabling you to control amount of back-up chain, its storage time, and their size that you will store.The back-ups can be either stored on a drive inside or outside your PC, or it can stored online (for using Acronis online storage you'll have to pay).

Moreover, the Non-stop back-up feature can save the changes you do on the file/folder that is backed up. It does this every 5 minutes and it is quite useful for files of regular use.The version can used with online, local and NAS drives.

The Sync feature synchronizes the folders/files among any 2 storage drives or PCs. An Acronisaccount is required to do that and duplication of files between storage drives has to be made sure.If 2 or more PCs are involved then one has to own the sync and then invite other user with Acronis account to join. But both computers should be connected with Acronis. Furthermore the new version supports storage mediums larger than 2TB even though if the PC operating system doesn't. The Acronis True Image 2013 Family Pack also is compatible with EFI and GPT drives.

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