True Image 2013 by Acronis vs Acronis True Image 2012 Version Comparison

This is a very popular software program and has several versions available in the market.

Acronis True Image Home Version 2012 gives you the great opportunity of folders and its contents synchronizing system between the PCs and the laptops. So, you can easily have several copies of your desired file in many locations, along with the server of Acronis which is protected and secure.

In the present competitive world, the product gives you the opportunity to access your desired file that you have stored anywhere else. It is not needed to be near your own main PC anymore because you can access your working file using this product. You can do this by using different services serving you free of cost like, Dropbox as well as Live Mesh but the best quality can only be assured by The version 2012. The program permits you to create the copy of all kind of folders and its contents from the main computer.

True Image 2013 by Acronis comes to the light now This version is built being based on very detail forebear allows non-stop system of backup of file and system. The continuous kind of backup permits you to contain a present copy of all the files that you modify or stored. Moreover, the package gives you the offer of disk cloning system, a sandbox and also the file shredder system opportunity and is also compatible with Windows also. The pros are given below as well as the cons of the latest True Image 2013 by Acronis.


An outstanding enriched package including backing up, disk management, synchronizing along with cloud backing up and clear interface system and tutorials.


The dangerous attributes may result in substandard modification to disk frame and the backup menu is also a bit confusing here.

A lot of help interface will pop up on the main screen of the computer for them all of them using Acronis True Image as a new comer ever. We would like you to know that, it is very friendly to users also. Easy selection of files and folders with source & destination and partitions can be done here, and they have the choice to fix easily a type of backup. The backup schedule can be determined by user to do back up of a program automatically after a period of time which ensure the safety of your data very much. However, if you are a previous consumer of the program you can tune your back up procedure as you require through making the use of instruction laid out on main screen.

A large number of users opine that The program owns an irreverent and an inappropriate interface for the consumer. It is also claimed that the performence is not satisfactory as it does not fulfil the services it claims to perform. Moreover, many unwanted sub program the earlier version seemed a lot better to most of the users. Previously, the increasing backup assessed by the weeks required three hours and for about the time of 3 hours, this took to calculate though the program would do it in the time exceeding a day as it was declared.

However, True Image 2013 by Acronis claims that all the standards as well as developed opportunity are maintained here from the product of 2012. It enables you to make backups as you want to. Comparing with older one and version published newly permits you to reserve backups online using the cloud option; you can look for your backup files from the levels of files, determine your convenient date and time of backing ups well as recoveries the PC by making an use of the rebooting kind of media for example the USB.

In case, you are in search for an well managed backing up software and you are suggested to buy True Image 2013 by Acronis. In case, you are not used to with the previously updated versions of this software, you are warmly welcome to try the newest version of True Image 2013 by Acronis. We assure you that the program very convenient to use and your back up will be safe and free from any damage.

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