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Acronis True Image 2016

Do you want to create the complete backup of your OS, settings, configuration and all you files and folders? Here is Acronis True Image 2015 for you to help you completely. Even the Outlook data like Emails, tasks and contacts are covered while creating the backup. If you want, you can exclude or include the files calling by the extension. Acronis True Image 2015 enables you to keep the application settings intact while creating the backup.

The new user friendly and detailed interface of Acronis True Image 2015 helps the users to complete the backup straightforwardly. Acronis True Image 2015 only adds the additional backup and updates to the existing backup image. You can restore the backed up files using Snap Restore option.

In this new version, you will get a feature named “Secure Zone”. Using this feature, you are able to create a partition that will be fully protected on the Hard Drive and that partition will be used for sensible data backup.

Now, it is time to discuss the recovery process. With Acronis True Image 2015, you can create bootable image using Bootable Media. It is helpful in case of sudden breakdown in boot. The process is very simple and you can work as you work with the backup tool. If you want, you can create a safe version or full version of the backup. The full version is double in size of the safe version. With the help of Acronis True Image 2015 you are capable of creating bootable media in CDR, DVD or FTP. You also able to clone the hard drives and enhance the space by adding extra partitions. While you see the boot failure, just press F11 and boot will be started automatically and all the files will be recovered.

There is an automatic schedule of creating the backup in Acronis True Image 2015. You can protect the files and folders with password so that they will be inaccessible for the unauthorized. It keeps the history of all logs so that you can check your undertaken action for the last saved files.

We were overwhelmed experiencing the choice of actions, simplicity and mostly the speed of creating the backup. However, you may be bored experiencing the installation process while you shall be able to do no other task and the process is lengthy.

Acronis True Image 2015: key features

Free Cloud Storage: Keep All the Data Safe as well as Accessible at any time

Acronis True Image 2015 offers 5GB free cloud storage for your data backup so that you remain advanced. You can back up your videos, music, photos ot even the total system and save whereve you want. This tool creates image backup and restores the file exactly to the place where they were before the PC crash. Even you are capable of synchronizing file from the mobile devices like Android Apps or iOS. Therefore, you are safe always.

So Why not are you trying Acronis True Image 2015?

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Want data protection that's reliable, easy and secure? Relax, we've got your backup. ake sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files

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