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Recovery is defined by The American Heritage Dictionary as “the process of bringing out usable substances from the sources which are unusable.” Recovery of data refers to the method of bringing out data from a corrupted, damaged or not accessible storage media.

What factors should stop you from accessing data normally? There are several reasons like theft, natural disaster or mechanical failure which is tried to recover each day by business and home owners. But today it has become very easy to protect the data on the hard drive by storing it in the cloud storage and making an image of the hard drive of the computer. By this process the chance of losing any data or any computer not being accessible has decreased.

Do you have preparations to face Disaster?

Are you prepared to safeguard your data from destruction? It is a matter of regret that generally people don't even think about it and the measures they take don't have the ability to face big disaster.

For example, an external drive or ROM can be used for the daily backups or this may be handled by a well mastered IT department or the important data can be saved in a secured partition of the disk. But in the case of fire everything can be vanished, are you prepared for it? Or if the media used to back up fails?

Whilst numerous programs of backup and recovery offer serious security next to a by mistake erased folder or a server or workstation crash, they can be almost valueless in the occasion of a fire, submerge or stealing, which will leave you trapped and your data vanished. Only a single way is available to guard your data from disasters: backup in online hard drive.

Through its latest product assistance, Acronis, the head recovery of data both local and online, have gone on top to offer computer users in both residence and business with a speedy, protected and less costing offsite service of data protection.

Solutions available at home

Buy now you should be afraid of losing your important data like music, picture and lot of other things which are saved in the home PC. The economic and time expenditure linked with restoring this data cannot be loud. To profitably survive the unimaginable and be ready to get back your precious data, owners of home PC require a strategy which is offsite besides the standard software of backup.

Luckily, Acronis Cloud was planned specially to deal with the backup and recovery requirements of the residence computer. Since customers are always busy, so depending on an entity to keep in mind to run daily backups can be hazardous. Acronis Cloud permits you to plan routine backup of online hard drive up to 250 GB of data, to be exact "setup and forget" abilities that removes human error.

Additionally, Acronis Cloud a recovery from online storage for maximum five computers in an event of a disaster. The main features of Acronis Cloud are:

Solutions available at work

A business owner knows the importance of protecting all the information's related to business and its consumers. With the help of online backup and recovery of Acronis with in a limited cost all these valuable information's can be saved efficiently.

Designed to comply with Acronis Backup and Recovery 11.5, this product which works on online allows drive backup from several workstations and computers and also can be controlled from a single computer centrally. The efficiency of cloud is used by Acronis so recovery can be very easily done from anywhere. The main features are as follows:

The two products of Acronis have been created to protect data in home and business. If you still don't have any way to protect your data then please choose Acronis Cloud or Backup & Recovery Online.

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