Acronis True Image 2015: faster online backup interface for your PC

Acronis True Image 2015 is an updated system of Acronis International to backup your PC contents.

This new interface is not just a simplified approach for the users, rather it is an approach with “rarely used” features for the core backup. This version of interface provides easier way of backup facility. You just need to select source for backup and then select the destination. The files are ready to go there immediately. This version enables backup “Entire PC”.

According to the user guide of Acronis True Image 2015, Acronis Extended Capacity Manager, File Shredder, Backup file conversion of .tib to .vhd, Boot Sequence Manager, Disk Editor, backup setting’s Import and Export, Mail backup and Try&Decide are no more.

But compensations are there for these. There is a system called deduplication which helps to remove the unnecessary uploads of duplicate contents so that duplicate blocks are not created. Therefore the performance is enhanced by 10%.

This improved version has easier recovery system. One interface allows to create both Widows PE and Acronis disc. An optional wifi recovery system is also attached.

"Universal Restore" system is another feature which allows to create backup from on PC and can be restore in another (feature depends on the hard drive size) working as a migrating component.

Of course other previous configuration settings are still there. There are backup scheme method (differential, incremental, full) and setting, password protection, validation, exclusion rules, email notification, pre backup command, post-backup command, scheduling (even this system can make the sleeping PC awake for backup process) are available under option button.

The regular user of tools such as Try&Decide will not find Acronis True Image 2015 appealing. However, the core features of this interface are of great use.

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