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You may not like it but technology develops at a very first speed and this is making many digital devices like digital camera, tablets, Smartphone’s and media players are becoming omnipresent.

But question is that are your solutions of backup coping up with the technology? It doesn’t matter if you are a home or business owner the backing up process of data is facing challenge as the amount of data is increasing. This is also affecting the security of data.

Luckily, to back up and protect the valuable data of your home or business PC has become easy because of the online backup solutions on cloud nine which is the internet cloud.

Online backup solutions for home

Old methods of storage like paper files, bank statements, information storage, photo albums etc are replaced by computers. For this thee consumers are free from tension of losing these important documents. But the reality is the computers can save data like the walls of your home save you. But the trusted machines may stop functioning or even breakdown and cause serious damage and the loss would be like the paper documents.

It very important to think of the protection of your computer containing valuable data. For this reason Acronis has come up with a standout Acronis Cloud program which is complimented by Acronis True Image home software and it can be used to safeguard your valuable data. Our dependence is increasing on digital devices and a huge amount of files are being created which are hard to backup and stored in the conventional ways like In CD’s or external devices. But by the efficiency of Acronis Cloud people can store and backup their data in the cloud storage. This software is very easy to use and manageable. The cloud storage has the capability to expand as your needs grow and thus make online backup and storage easy, simple and faster.

Online backup solutions for business

Loss of any personal data can be upsetting but losing business data can even close your business. So are your sure about the protection of your business data?

Looking after a business network server can be tough and require a lot of time. But with help of Acronis Backup & Recovery Online, data can be backed up online and it is very efficient. Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 put together with conventional online backup programs provided by Acronis but also permit to manage several machines together and perform offsite backup which is managed centrally. It works with Acronis’ patented imaging of disk and technology of cloud computing which captures files from applications, servers and workstation operating systems. Last but not the least it will provide you with all the good features off a remote data centre which help in backing up and recovery without paying a high amount of money. You will get all these as a subscription service.

Benefits of business:

The important thing is that Acronis technology of proprietary is used by both Acronis Cloud and Acronis Backup & Recovery Online for storing in the clouds. The storage in clouds is very reliable and secured technology which permits Acronis to host customer’s data encryption of high grade. Backing up online was never reliable fast or cost effective like this before. It is also very simple and fast.

So to protect your valuable information’s act quickly. Acronis provide you with all the good featured products to meet your need of protecting business or home data.

Benefits of home:

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