Online data storage

Technology has totally revolutionized our life style. Even our businesses totally depend on computers, laptops, smart phones, digital cameras, e-readers and mp3 players. These digital devices hold immense amount of data that can be lost in case of a mishap and needs to be protected. People have now realized that offline storage disks are not very efficient in keeping data safe as they can lose the sensitive information if the hardware fails. Online storage facilities on the other hand provide a safe place for keeping data secure. It is now recognized as the fastest and most efficient backup method.

Advantages of Online Data Storage

Backup options have changed quickly with the advancement of technology. The journey from CD's and floppy disks to flash drives and online data storage facilities has been a short one. Even though flash drives and CD's are still used by people for storing data and keeping it safe, there are a lot more features that online storage offers. Some of the key advantages are listed below:

Cost benefits
Online data storage is the most cost effective backup option. For data storage on hard drives, you'll have to pay a hell lot of money for the storage disks and flash drives while you can avoid these high upfront costs at online sites for storing your sensitive data.
Automatic updating
Convenience of set and forget backups. It eliminates the risk of human error in forgetting to create a backup plan before the data blows up, making it efficient for keeping your data up to date.
Home & Office applications
The option is available for both business use and for normal household data storage. Whether these are your business documents or memorable pictures, online storage sites will keep you data safe.
Extra protection
Hard drive storage can be damaged by physical contact, or the data can be stolen, but online data is safe and secure no matter what happens, you can sleep tight without worrying about your important documents.
Quick data recovery
You can recover the saved files from wherever you are and whenever you like.

Online data storage systems offer various packages for different kind of clients to make sure that everyone gets a package that best suits his needs and requirements. Acronis technology offers online backups for both home users and for cloud storage.

Acronis Cloud for Home

It helps home users to manage and secure their data online. Its key features are:

Acronis Backup and Recovery Online for Business

This product is to help businessmen secure their sensitive data on online sites to avoid losing the information in any mishap. The key features offered by this product are:

Online data storage keeps your data safe not from any kind of theft but also keep from losing it to a hard drive failure or any other disaster.

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