O&O DiskImage Professional review

Though most people do not implement the process of file backup, it is one of the most important and essential process. The process of file backup should be done on a regular basis and if possible on a daily basis to ensure that there is no data loss and seamless system restore in case of a system crash.

Software like O&O DiskImage 7 Professional can do that tedious task of taking backups for you without the pain involved in the process, making it a cakewalk. One of the impressive features of the O&O DiskImage 7 professional is that it can not only take backups for the files, it can also take backups for the system files also.

The software can be used effectively to take backups for individual drives or partitions or even for selected folders and or files. This means that a whole PC or System can be taken as a backup or secured, unlike most other similar utility softwares.

O&O DiskImage 7 professional has a very simple interface, and is extremely user friendly, it is contained in a single control panel that is small and makes the software discreet. The four options that appear on the first page are easy to use and cover almost everything.

The options include complete or incremental system image copies, as well as file backup and image restoration. Unlike the step by step wizards, they leas on to separate screens, which are easy to comprehend and use also.

An icon tree displays the drives available for backup in case of a full system copy or backup page. The diagrams are very similar to the ones shown by most partitioning softwares. The source drive or the partition concerned needs to be picked up before clicking on the ‘Start Drive Imaging' option. Then confirming the destination for the archive is what needs to be done.

O&O DiskImage 7 professional offers a much simpler process for copying and securing files. The icon displayed is similar to the ‘My Computer' icon and drill down for the file that needs to be backed up. Files and folders can be specified in a similar fashion and copied easily. Scheduling backup jobs is easy and can be opted in complete, incremental or differential process of backing up.

Though the option of encrypting or compressing backup files is there, it is better to keep them stored in simple formats. That not only eases backup process, it also makes restoring the files easy. With storage spaces coming cheap and easy these days, possibly it is a better and safer option too. O&O DiskImage 7 Professional also allows access to compressed files, except some compression agents or softwares.

O&O does not offer online storage partner to DiskImage 7 Professional like many other backup utility softwares do. But there are a number of third party softwares that does the same and creates non-stop real time backups for your Windows based PC or system.

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O&O DiskImage 18

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O&O DiskImage 18 will backup data and whole computers. If you lose data, simply restore the backup and your computer or files are back just as before

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