Acronis True Image 2015 for PC review

This version is not just the up gradation of the previous version, the previous features are intact here so that you get a worthy copy for the previously saved data on your PC.

This version of Acronis True Image 2015 provides disk cloning as well as disk deployment facilities for you so that you can replace your HDD while It is full and migrate every bit of data, operating system, software patches, programs, preferences, emails, configuration files and other things. You can also add a new HDD while you want to add space with the existing. You can also wipe bytes of the existing one.

Acronis True Image 2015 is friendly to all users whether experienced or new who are concerned regarding their data safety. Whether you are small or mid size enterprise, you are capable of saving your data and restoring them while necessary. You can retrieve the system as well as the applications without using the source disk or installing different parameters.

You are always safe with the help of Acronis True Image 2015 since it takes care of Gigabytes of your data and create True Image Home for backup. The newly added Acronis Cloud backup provides much more safety for your data. This system creates backup from your home PC and sends to the online storage and ensures the top most safety for your files and folders.

While you want to create an exact image of each bit of your disk and Gigabytes for the entire system backup, Acronis True Image 2015 provides disk-cloning facility using which you can do exactly what you want.

In the disk backup system of this tool, you can copy the hard disk which includes important files and folders, operating system, applications, configurations and many more.

If you face any crash in system, restoration for every bit of data is possible instantly to replace the previous files and folders from the backup disk.

Acronis True Image 2015 offers file-based backup option. This feature enables the users to create backup and restore the files and folders the users want.

You can make the complete imaging of your disk using the disk imaging option. Users can make complete imaging of the entire hard disk which includes the operating system, configuration, user setting, applications and all data files. You can recover your PC to the previous condition without reinstalling any software.

Acronis True Image 2015 offers lightening-speed restore. It means you can keep on working while your restoration process is in progress.

You will get incremental backup support from Acronis True Image 2015. You will be able to add latest changes to the existing backup disk image. Therefore, you are safe even for the latest bits or bytes of data. You can create a schedule of backup using Acronis Scheduler. You set the configuration of this software so it creates full or incremental backup and you remain safe for every bit of data.

Acronis True Image 2015 uses Acronis Drive Snapshot technology for which it is capable of providing online backup without rebooting the system. Therefore, you are productive always. Your IT cost and time is less while you use Acronis True Image 2015 since it provides bare-metal restore facility.

Now, you will get disk deployment and disk cloning facilities with Acronis True Image 2015. You can deploy a new HDD while your previous one is full and you can migrate all the data including OS, software, applications safely to the new one.

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