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Without expert care, your computer is vulnerable to speed and stability problems. Restore your PC's performance with Powersuite, the ultimate maintenance solution. Powersuite delivers comprehensive optimization of your PC through its all-in-one solution.

Unleash your computer's full potential

Without expert care, your computer is vulnerable to speed and stability problems. Restore your PC's performance with Powersuite, the ultimate maintenance solution. Powersuite delivers comprehensive optimization of your PC through its all-in-one solution. Monitor, maintain and manage your PC in just a few steps.

What does Uniblue Powersuite 2017 offer?

Designed to take comprehensive care of your PC's performance, Powersuite will improve your PC's performance by:

Optimizing your PC

Powersuite offers two scans accessible from the Overview tab - Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Quick Scan offers a rapid scan, which addresses performance improvements and removes junk files whilst Deep Scan takes longer but addresses all optimization options featured in Powersuite. Start a scan by selecting the type of scan you would like to carry out from the drop-down menu next to the green Scan button. Click the button to start the scan. Powersuite will scan through each element on the Overview screen and report the results.

Uniblue Powersuit 2017 optimizations explained
Live Speed Tools
Live Speed Tools are custom zcreated tools designed by Uniblue to improve your computer's performance. When switched on, the Live Speed Tools will work automatically as long as Powersuite is left running.
CPU Manager
This tool reduces instances of hanging when using your PC and improves system responsiveness by adjusting the priority of particular processes.
Hard Disk Usage Manager
In order to make sure processes don't take up excessive resources, this tool evenly distributes hard disk usage to ensure a smooth PC experience. This is available on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Software Launch Booster
When an application is launched, the Launch Booster directs extra system resources to reduce its launch time.
Start Menu Software Accelerator
The Start Menu Software Accelerator increases the launch speed of programs opened via the Start menu. This is done by anticipating the user's action and pre-loading data into the memory.
Proactive Thumbnail Generator
Normally, every time you open a picture folder, Windows generates the picture thumbnails used to provide a preview. With the Proactive Thumbnail Generator, upon folder access, your PC will conduct a one-time thumbnail generation process and save the relevant data to a Windows system folder. From then onwards, thumbnails will be quickly retrieved instead of generated.
Uniblue Powersuite 2017 optimization features

The below optimization features are included in a Quick Scan which can be run from the Overview Screen.

Windows Registry Errors
Powersuite cleans your registry from invalid entries. The registry is a repository of important hardware and software instructions that your computer needs to access continuously. Invalid entries accumulate through use, particularly software removal and changes in settings and hardware. Cleaning invalid entries can improve your computer's efficiency in processing tasks.
Unused Processes
Powersuite is able to identify the processes and services that the operating system runs in the background. If any of these processes and services are not used by your system, Powersuite will deactivate them to free up system resources.
System Settings to Optimize
There are a number of different settings to optimize, grouped in the following three categories:
  • System resource optimizations Minor adjustments to settings to improve resource allocation and stability.
  • Startup and shutdown optimizations Changes to the startup and shutdown routines to improve speed.
  • Visual effects optimizations Adjustments to Windows visual effects to enhance speed.
Optimize settings and resource management.
Powersuite will tweak and manage your computer for extra speed. Activate the speed tools to power your PC's efficiency.
Maintain your hard disk.
Powersuite will clean up junk files and old backups, as well as compress large files to gain space.
Update your drivers.
Powersuite will provide the latest driver updates for enhanced hardware efficiency.
How will Powersuit 2017 improve my computer?

A whole range of tools and features are available to you when you use Powersuite, allowing you to manage and monitor your PC as simply as possible.

Uniblue Powersuit 2017 Deep Scan

The below optimization features are included in a Deep Scan which can be run from the Overview screen. Deep Scan also features all of the PC optimizations available in the Quick Scan as listed in the previous section. Deep Scan optimizations can be accessed using the PC Optimization tab.

Device Driver Updates
Powersuite scans your hardware to identify whether there are driver updates available for your devices. If updates are available, Powersuite can download and install all drivers with a single click. Updating drivers can boost hardware performance.
Registry Defragmentation
Registry data suffers fragmentation when instructions break up into multiple locations. Powersuite defragments the registry to optimize your computer's speed.
PC Startup Optimizer
Startup items are software programs that have been scheduled to automatically start. Powersuite gives you the option to disable any Startup Items that you do not regularly use, decreasing startup time and freeing up resources.
Disk Defragmentation
Through use, disk data gets scattered or fragmented in multiple hard drive locations. This can impair your hard disk's performance. Powersuite neatly re-orders the data to remove fragments and improve your computer's data access speed.
Old Backups
To gain disk space, you can choose to delete old backups. These backups consist of restore points and Windows update backups. Note: Deleting old backups can reduce your ability to undo changes if your computer suffers a serious problem. Therefore, we recommend that, unless you are an advanced user, only delete old backups when you must free up space.
Compress files
This section allows you to use compression to reduce the file size of any of the largest files on your user profile. Files compressed using Powersuite can be used like regular files (there is no need to uncompress a file before use).
Smart Duplicates Finder
The Smart Duplicates Finder scans hard-drives to detect duplicate files on a PC, giving the option to safely delete duplicates. Other functions available within this feature include the ability to ignore specific paths and files smaller than a size you specify.