Ashampoo Photo Commander 17

Image management, editing, and viewing

With Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 you can easily bring order to your photos, optimize multiple images at once, and quickly create stunning calendars, cards, or even complete slideshows

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The Ashampoo Photo Commander has made a comeback!

With Ashampoo Photo Commander 17, you can experience a significant technology upgrade, ensuring lightning-fast performance, support for the latest image formats, and full compatibility with Windows 11. Thanks to its efficient 64-bit memory and CPU management, this new version is up to 40% faster than its predecessor, allowing for quicker browsing and opening of images.

The burning and scanning routines have also undergone an overhaul, and the software's codec support for formats like PNG, WEBP, and JXR has been improved. Enjoy a future-proof Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 with modern visuals and top-notch performance!

Enhance & organize your photos

Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 is renowned for its extensive range of over 200 photo-related functions, earning it the nickname "feature beast" among its fans. With this software, you can explore countless handy features and tools as you navigate through the program, many of which other companies would charge for as separate apps. Embark on a fun journey into the world of photo editing today with Ashampoo Photo Commander 17!

Effortlessly craft slideshows using the intuitive design features of this software

Design stunning 4K resolution slideshows effortlessly with this software, complete with fitting transitions and music in various formats to complement your shots. You can preview your finished projects instantly with the new video playbar and burn them to disc directly.

Speedy and versatile photo editing

Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 offers a variety of tools for optimizing, filtering, and enhancing your photos. It allows you to straighten image horizons, clone areas, adjust contrast and color, and accentuate details using focus or tilt-shift effects. You can also crop and rotate your photos to perfection. Instead of purchasing multiple programs, get everything you need in one convenient interface.

This tool includes frames, cards, and collages to enrich your pictures

Unleash your creativity with Ashampoo Photo Commander 17, which provides numerous templates to help you create stylish collages and elegant cards. You can also add nifty frames to your photos and combine images and text to design customized greeting cards for holidays, parties, and other special occasions.

Explore flawless image viewing with the advanced image viewer of this software

Keep your photo collection under control with Ashampoo Photo Commander 17, which provides clever filter and grouping options to help you stay on top of your images, no matter how large your collection is. You can sort your photos chronologically, thematically, or by location, and apply custom filters to instantly find the specific shots you need.

Instantly improve photo quality with auto-enhancement feature

Transform underwhelming shots into precious vacation memories with this software's image auto-correction feature, which can remove scratches, eliminate image noise, and fix red-eye issues instantly. The auto-correction feature does most of the heavy lifting for you, even in batch processing mode, so you can optimize your entire photo library in one go. With just a click of a button, you can also optimize colors, contrasts, and get rid of compression artifacts.

Present your photos elegantly using the presentation feature of this software

Whether you're viewing your photos solo or with friends and family, the new presentation mode is a game-changer, particularly in multi-display setups. With this feature, you can control the presentation on one display while your viewers enjoy the results on another, such as a video projector. Moreover, you can make live adjustments without having to leave the presentation, making the experience seamless and hassle-free.

Tag shooting locations easily with advanced feature

Modern cameras and cellphones use geotagging to save location information along with each shot, and Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 takes full advantage of this feature by utilizing these tags for sorting, editing, and even creating them. With this software, you can access precise location information down to the street level, enabling you to view all your Paris photos in a snap. You can even view each location on Google Maps instantly, making it easier to navigate and organize your photo collection.

Effortlessly edit and crop your photos with the advanced editing tools of this software

With Ashampoo Photo Commander 17, you can crop your photos with ease, straighten image horizons, and enhance colors to your liking. The software also allows you to cut out individual people and objects and adjust image perspective as needed. You can experiment with a variety of fantastic photo effects and achieve professional-level results with gradation curves and tonal value correction. Whether you need a quick fix or more detailed post-processing, this software has everything you need to take your photos to the next level.

Effortlessly salvage old or damaged photos or create entirely new ones with ease

With Ashampoo Photo Commander 17, even your less-than-perfect shots can still be salvaged. The built-in auto-feature fixes overexposed or washed-out colors with impressive results. Additionally, you can apply individual effects to add vibrancy and structure to your photos or merge them together to create stunning panoramic views.

Process entire photo libraries in one go

Effortlessly convert multiple images into different formats simultaneously and adjust their size and aspect ratio with Ashampoo Photo Commander 17's batch-processing feature. Easily add watermarks or frames, rotate or mirror your photos, and adjust brightness and contrast settings or remove image noise. Save significant time and effort by automating these tasks!

Reduce duplicates, edit metadata, and search for files with ease

Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 helps you quickly find duplicates and filter your photos by various criteria such as name, EXIF/IPTC data, and comments. Plus, you can easily add missing metadata to your photos.

Powerful photo collection helper

20 years ago, stunning photos were hard to come by. 10 years ago, storage space was limited. Now, we have both in abundance - but we're also faced with a daunting task of managing hundreds of files. Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 not only organizes your files into neat collections but also enhances the quality of your photos and allows you to create collages, greeting cards, and slideshows. With features like automatic batch conversion, watermarking, and location-based sorting, Photo Commander is the ultimate all-in-one solution for managing your photos.

Windows 11 compatible and 64-bit support

Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 has undergone a complete overhaul with true native 64-bit support and improved memory management, making it the fastest, most stable, and best-looking Photo Commander yet. It's also fully compatible with Windows 11. Whether you're working with individual images or entire photo libraries, you'll notice a significant difference in performance.

Improved speed and efficiency with new technologies

Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 takes photo editing to the next level with AVX support, improved memory management, and faster file management. It comes with new wizards, codec upgrades, burning and scanning technologies, and enhanced video playback. With all these features, you'll breeze through your work in no time!

Wizards for easy tasks

Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 provides several wizards to help you complete various tasks step-by-step. You can use these wizards to create a calendar, collage, or batch-process many photos without any prior knowledge. Just select the photos you want and choose an option to start the process!

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