Ashampoo Privacy Inspector

Discover what Windows conceals with Ashampoo Privacy Inspector

Ashampoo Privacy Inspector examines all PC users online activity and traces, allowing users to enhance privacy by deleting the data

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Restore deleted files

Ashampoo Privacy Inspector recovers accidentally deleted files. Select a drive, and the program lists all deleted files for individual recovery.

Concealed data on PC usage - yours and others

Ashampoo Privacy Inspector reveals Windows' extensive offline and online logging, including logged activities, and provides the option to delete the data and regain privacy.

Revamped download and search history

Manage your download and search history with Ashampoo Privacy Inspector. Find information on source, file size, download time, and more! Built-in filters help you delete sensitive data quickly. Forgot how to find a page? Ashampoo Privacy Inspector can help with that too!

Stop tracking, syncing, ads
Limit usage rights for apps
View used objects neatly arranged
Review and delete download history
Retrace online activities in detail
Erase internet traces and usage logs
Keep an eye on logins and form inputs
Safely delete confidential usage data
Delete what other cleaners leave behind
Analyze search behavior, find top terms
Analyze browsing behavior for all users
Display page visits by time and frequency
Disable telemetry and unwanted data sharing
Safeguard and protect your data and privacy
Many search filters for speedy, precise results

Increased privacy

Ashampoo Privacy Inspector: control data collection. Disable telemetry, location, password syncing, Cortana. Windows sends handwriting samples, so turn that off too! Easy with just a few clicks.

Object usage frequency and timing?

Ashampoo Privacy Inspector informs you of usage-related data on open files and folders, including behind-the-scenes activity during computer use. Filter results and delete them as desired.

Is your PC aware of your browsing habits? Surprising truth...

Even if you use adblockers, VPNs, etc. for anonymous browsing, your PC will still have traces of your searches, form inputs, and visited sites. With Ashampoo Privacy Inspector, you can review these traces and others' on your computer. Use filters to focus on relevant data, effortlessly navigate through data from various browsers, and delete any unwanted records!

Track your online steps

Sometimes, you must review your recent online activity. Ashampoo Privacy Inspector provides list/tree views to analyze web sessions thoroughly. Bring your browsing history to life and never lose the thread again!

Login & browser details

Many sites require dedicated logins. Where are yours? What did you enter into forms and how often did you visit affected pages? Ashampoo Privacy Inspector provides 100% transparency and precision.

Erase browsing history

For a concise overview, Ashampoo Privacy Inspector has cached files, cookies, and session-related information. Clear up space by whitelisting important cookies and deleting the rest!

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