Ashampoo Video Converter

Convert your videos into all popular video and audio formats

Get the perfect format for Facebook, Youtube, MyVideo, Dailymotion and Vimeo automatically

Ashampoo Video Converter
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The easiest way to convert your videos

Ashampoo Video Converter converts your movies into the right format fully automatically–quickly and in the highest quality. Simply pick your video and target device and your good to go! Want to convert a video into an audio file? You got it!

And there's no need to know about supported formats or individual specs of the target device. Want a particular format or quality? Video Converter offers a large selection of all popular audio and video formats.

Convert between video formats in just a few clicks

We've made Ashampoo Video Converter so user-friendly anyone can use it to great effect.

Just add your videos and pick your desired output format or target device. Then, hit the convert button and you're all set!

All formats

You don't need to know which formats your cellphone prefers. Ashampoo Video Converter simply lets you pick your device (cellphone, gaming console, etc.) and the software automatically selects the optimal output format.

Video image optimization included

Some movies are too dark, others lacking in contrast or sharpness. Ashampoo Video Converter lets you adjust these settings easily through multiple sliders and offers a live preview so you can achieve great results every time.

The optimal format for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & others

Video portals require specific formats to play your videos. Ashampoo Video Converter knows the preferences of all major web portals and converts your videos accordingly so you can avoid annoying error messages and achieve high-quality conversions for your portals.

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