WordPerfect Office Standard 2020

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The all-in-one Office Suite designed to keep you productive

WordPerfect Office Standard 2020 celebrates the latest version of the office suite supporting your productivity needs—from crafting documents and presentations, to impressive spreadsheet creation and more!

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WordPerfect Office Standard 2020 what's new

Footnotes and Endnotes
A new keyboard shortcut accelerates your workflow by opening a footnote or endnote for editing in just a click. Then, return to the place in the document where you were last working!
OpenDocument Text files
Enhanced file format compatibility means WordPerfect files can be saved as OpenDocument Text (ODT) files.
EPUB eBooks
In a couple of clicks, save a WordPerfect document to one of the world's most popular eBook formats, EPUB.
Reveal Codes
The Reveal Codes window now displays codes for font attributes and text alignment features in table cells, rows, and columns. In addition, cell and row codes appear before table text in the Reveal Codes window, delivering a clearer picture of the font and alignment formatting that has been applied.
Enter text faster than ever thanks to an expanded list of QuickWords, which enables users to insert a whole word or phrase in a document by typing a simple abbreviation.
Enhancements deliver improved printing of labels, table headers, and more.
Default Magnification
Set the default zoom level for new spreadsheets to quickly get started in an environment tailored to how you work best.

Experience the benefits of a legendary office suite

You'll continue to find all of the familiar features you need to work more efficiently when you tap into built-in PDF functionality, enhanced Reveal Codes, and eBook publishing. Collaboration is key and simple to leverage with support for more than 60 file types, including the latest Microsoft Office formats.

All-in-one office suite

The legendary word processor that so many swear by to create documents, letters, brochures, resumes, and more. With compatibility of over 60 file-formats, including Microsoft, and powerful Reveal Codes, document control has never been easier.
Quattro Pro
Take advantage of Quattro Pro to build comprehensive spreadsheets for budgets, invoices, expenses, and receipts. Open, edit and create files, including Microsoft Excel, to organize, analyze and share data.
Prepare, design, then deliver captivating presentations. Slideshows, proposals, demos, and interactive reports are all made easy with Presentations 2020. Compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint files and wireless remotes ensure efficiency.
WordPerfect Lightning
Use WordPerfect Lightning to collect text and images from multiple sources then reuse what you need by exporting a document, sending an email, or posting it to a blog.

Powerful features designed with your productivity in mind

Favorite features


File Format Support
Famous for its unrivalled compatibility, WordPerfect Office enables users to work with more files than ever. Easily open, edit, and share files with support for more than 60 formats. With this release, you can save WordPerfect files to OpenDocument Text file format.
Save to Multiple Formats
Experience multitasking at its best! WordPerfect enables you to save a document to various file formats—WPD, PDF, and HTML5—all at the same time. Within the Macro Manager, select ‘Save to Multiple Formats', choose the option to Play your macro, save it to multiple formats, then click Play and you're ready to go!
Publish to HTML
The Publish to HTML option can output to more HTML standards, including HTML5. It provides more publishing options, such as relative font sizing and the ability to publish footnotes.

File previewing and viewing

WordPerfect Office Standard 2020 What's Included

Main Applications

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*Internet connection required.

WordPerfect Office Standard 2020 System Requirements

*WordPerfect Office 2020 supports Windows 10, version 1909 and later versions which may be released during the lifecycle of WordPerfect Office 2020

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WordPerfect Office Standard 2021

Just Released

WordPerfect Office Standard 2021 introduces the latest version of the office suite supporting your everyday work needs—from crafting documents and presentations, to creating impressive spreadsheets! Publish your eBook, edit a PDF, import or export files in 60+ different formats, and more, all with this user-friendly suite

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