MindManager Essentials

Ideal for Individual Projects and Boosting Productivity

The MindManager product lineup provides powerful visualization tools for organizing data, tracking projects, and presenting information

MindManager Essentials
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Manage your workday with MindManager Essentials

Faster and Smarter
Capture your ideas as quickly as you think of them. Rearrange topics effortlessly with a simple click and drag of the mouse. Watch as your thoughts come to life on the screen.
You have ideas, but you're also bombarded with information daily, making it hard to make sense of it all. MindManager helps you clarify ideas, data, notes, attachments, and more in a single, intuitive interface.
Achieve your personal best by starting your plans and projects on the right foot and seeing them through to completion. MindManager allows you to turn ideas into plans, plans into actions, and actions into successes.
Set Up
Whether it's your living room, favorite café, or a beach holiday, you can work from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection. Take your maps and diagrams with you wherever you go.

Create the perfect diagram in seconds

Elevate your brainstorms and watch your ideas come to life. Visualize plans, track tasks and projects, and make informed decisions with ease.
Easily create an overview of team members, project participants, or organizational structures. Customize with images and styling to suit your needs.
Clearly outline plans, projects, roadmaps, and deliverables on a timeline, providing an impressive overview for yourself and others.
Design professional flowcharts to analyze, design, document, or manage processes and programs, paving the way to better outcomes.
Concept Maps
Visualize relationships between ideas and information to enhance your understanding and take your thinking to the next level.
Identify similarities and differences among sets of items, and visualize dependencies within an organization or process.
Kanban Boards
Use Kanban boards to visualize work, organize team workflows, and ensure maximum project efficiency with this agile project management tool.
Fishbone Diagrams
Also known as Ishikawa diagrams, these are essential for product design and quality defect prevention, helping identify potential causes of effects.
Funnel Charts
Visualize multiple stages of any business-related process to identify potential problem areas with clear, concise funnel charts.
Matrix Diagrams
Display relationships between multiple data sets and analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats effectively with matrix diagrams.

Effortlessly Simple

MindManager streamlines the way you process and manage information. Transform scattered ideas and data into clear visual maps that are easy to create, organize, refine, and share.

Boost your personal productivity

Text Accelerators
Accelerate your project workflow by swiftly adding resources and tags to your topics with a simple '@' or '#' followed by the resource or tag name.
MindManager facilitates capturing ideas as swiftly as they arise. Easily rearrange elements later with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.
Priority Markers
With a busy schedule, it's essential to focus on priorities. MindManager's priority markers offer a quick overview of tasks needing immediate attention versus those that can wait.
Filtering Capabilities
After incorporating priority markers and other visual cues, effortlessly filter your maps to display only the desired information with just a few clicks.
Topic Info Cards
Keep your map clutter-free while maintaining access to supplementary information. Effortlessly transfer details between info cards and topics.
Commence a diagram from scratch or choose from a range of built-in templates catering to various industries. Craft robust strategic plans, initiate projects, and seamlessly track all details or develop streamlined process flows.
Sticky Notes
Enhance idea visualization and brainstorming. Elevate productivity with sticky notes, retaining preferred styles and formatting with ease.

Get your work and personal life in order

Effortlessly collect knowledge and data, even from external sources, in a simple and intuitive manner. Consolidate links, documents, images, notes, business data, key figures, and tasks in one convenient location, allowing you to concentrate your focus where it's most needed.
MindManager Snap
Capture ideas or content instantly through your desktop, browser, or mobile device. Send thoughts, links, documents, images, and more to yourself, and they'll be readily available in your Snap queue the next time you access MindManager Essentials.
Efficiently share map sections by adding them to your Snap queue for easy access. Incorporate these map parts into any other diagram when you require the same data or information elsewhere.
Explore your content, plans, projects, and processes from various angles with customizable views for every situation, including map view, icon view, and tag view.
Info Style
Enjoy enhanced flexibility in displaying your information with a fresh new design for topic info. This updated style offers improved clarity, conciseness, and customization options.

Infuse your plans, projects, and processes

Transform your brainstorm into a feasible strategy, process, or plan within the same application. Enhance tasks with resource information, deadlines, notes, and other metadata to keep teams and projects aligned and on course.
Effortlessly integrate individual costs into your project maps, update them with ease, and calculate totals with a simple click, providing instant insight into one of your project's most crucial aspects.
With MindManager, blend various diagram types and views seamlessly, ensuring you're never restricted to a single flow. Utilize filtering and dynamic views to swiftly focus and alter perspectives.
Optimize the visual impact of your diagrams and flowcharts. MindManager Essentials offers an array of pre-designed industry-standard shapes to effectively represent any scenario.