Nero USBxCopy 2021

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The professional USB Copy-Tool

This tool helps you to copy your data on multiple USB devices at once

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New in Nero USBxCopy

With Nero USBxCopy you are now able to create Raspberry Pi OS on multiple SD cards. With the option 'On' or 'Off' you can now automatically save or not save the last settings. To better protect your data, USBxCopy now supports 'secure erase'. It completely removes sensitive data from your USB sticks by overwriting them.

Nero USBxCopy Key Feature

The Nero USBxCopy Tool automatically detects, how many devices are connected to your computer and gives you an instant overview about the format, size and status of every device.
Once all your devices are detected, you can specify the source or path of the data to be copied. The devices can be formatted to FAT32, NTFS or exFAT and the copy process can be started simultaneously.
Nero USBxCopy can do more than just copy files: Using an automatically generated checksum, the system checks each device and displays the copy status in color. Finished devices can be ejected automatically, while the built-in counter lets you never lose track of how many copy operations have been completed.
Nero USBxCopy boxshot

Nero USBxCopy

Just Released

Copy your data to multiple USB devices simultaneously. Save time and effort with Nero USBxCopy's efficient data copying. Perfect for backing up, sharing, or transferring files

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