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Reliable management of your hard disk

A partitioned hard disk can successfully perform the data recovery of the partitions or data restoration of a particular partition (as well as contents can be recovered). If you want to convert your hard disk to various formats, and divide it into separate partitions and change the size of partitions.

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The O&O PartitionManager will be perfect solution for you. The best method is to create two partitions. One partition should be used for storing system files such as Windows and essential software and driver files and another data partition can be used for storing all of your private and official documents like images, video clips, office documents etc. And you will have the access to supplementary system repair tools through the exclusive Start CD which is based upon Windows PE. To boot O&O PartitionManager, you just need to insert the CD in your CD-ROM and you will have the ability to create, split partitions and change their sizes.

More safety through disk partitioning
To reduce the IT expanses of your business, Reasonable and well arranged Server systems will be required. You cannot run data rescue operation or repair system properly avoiding it. You can divide your hard disk into partitions and modify the size of these with the help of the core functions of The O&O PartitionManager. Technologies such as O&O SafeErase as well as O&O Defrag have been included to enhance the security and performance of your Server.
Supports all types of disk
As a cornerstone for expert-level disk management system, O&O PartitionManager have integrated support for extensive disk types. Dynamical discs, basic disks, along with removable drives (such as USB and Memory sticks) are recognized and supported by this program. You need this program to generate a variety of disk types. Also you have the power to change them from one type to another type. For example, if you want to change from a type of basic disk to a type of dynamic volume and change the layout from MBR to GPT, you can do it with O&O PartitionManager.
Understandable User Interface.
A variety of options are accessible upon right clicking. The clear arrangement of the software helps to operate simple and swift hard disk management. E.G you can access partitions/volumes distinctly and convert from logical drives to primary partitions or vice versa just by right-clicking. To get the detailed information about disks (e.g, Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology data and surface errors details) you can browse properties.
Direct Boot from the Compact Disk.
The Windows based Start CD will boot automatically and no prior setup is required to boot O&O PartitionManager. You will have the freedom to select from different Windows drivers which meet your preferences and make certain compatibilities. If you need to install extra drivers, you can download those drivers before opening the program. It will be easy to access you hard disk with the most recent technologies.
Modification of the partitions with the support of the Start CD.
Other disk management software in the market just provides the ability to alter system partitions. You have to reboot your PC to BIOS mode to work with most of them. But O&O PartitionManager is able to boot from Windows as the Start CD is engineered to do so. You can change the size of the partitions, or move them at ease.
Reduce the size of partition to smallest size.
To reduce the size of a partition successfully, you need to start an optimization at first. Files will be transferred to "front" chamber of the partition physically, and that will multiply the length of the final file to the closing stages of the partition. So you will get the highest shrinking level. O&O Defrag, the prize winning defragmentation program is engineered to do the optimization efficiently.
Delete data safely.
Data will turn hidden in your system when you delete them. But that does not mean they don’t exist in your storage. You have to be careful when you decide to sell your PC or give it to another hand. To delete your confidential data permanently, O&O SafeErase has been included with the program, once you delete data with O&O SafeErase, They are gone forever.
O&O PartitionManager along with O&O DiskImage.
The O&O PartitionManager provides complete partition & data protection management along with O&O DiskImage. Two partitions will have to be created (first one is for the Server OS and second one is for personal and official documents).Then O&O DiskImage will be needed to perform the operation of creating images of partitions at normal intervals. You have to be sure that your total dataset and any changes to it will be accumulated. Additionally you can make separate images of your partition. This type of safety enables you to modify Server structures, generate new profiles before installing other programs or drivers.
Facilities of stripe sets, mirror volumes and RAID 5 volumes.
A set of stripes which is known as RAID 0 saves data by modifying on stripes of the chosen disk. A stripe set has the ability to write and read data at a faster rate on it, but the basic volume is slower that the stripe set. The mirror volume such as RAID 1 writes the same data on the selected disk. For instance the data is copied from hard disk to other drive. This process creates a "security backup copy" which is useful in the occasion of the disk failure. Combination of RAID0 and RAID1 is known as RAID5 which multiplies the velocity of the process and creates a backup of the data. You must have three disks to contain a RAID 5 volume.

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