R-Drive Image

R-Drive Image is an effective tool for creating disk image of files for purposes like backup or duplication. A file of disk image has the copy of every byte of the hard disk, logical drive or a separated partition and this can be done through several stages which don’t interrupt the normal running of the computer and also can be created on the go. The files which contain the images of drives which can easily be saved in different places like the external hard drive, CD or DVD, jazz disk, Iomega Zip or more other.

R-Drive Image is capable of restoring the images in partitions, the disk from which it has been copied or in a free space of hard disk on the go without stopping any work. To do system or private partition restoring R-Drive Image switches to the mode which is pseudo graphic from the bootable device or the Windows which are run from disk or CD.

By the help of R-Drive Image, very high amount of loss of data which was caused for the crash of operating system, attack of virus or failure of hardware can be restored very fast and with ease. R-Drive Image can be also used to setup particular computers which is under deployment of mass system. To be concise, a single image can be created and that can be further deployed in more computers. This facility lessens the expenditure and time. Using file utility or Windows Explorer restoring of a single disk image is possible by copying the files from it virtually.

R-Drive Image the finest which provides backup and restoring to save your data on the event of a disaster.

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R-Drive Image

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R-Drive Image

Drive Image and Backup for Windows

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