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R-Drive Image has come up with their newer version of 5.1, which is an upgraded version of the earlier 4.7, which basically remains the same. The new R-Drive image 5.1 is a disk-image utility software. One of the best in class, this utility software helps you take backup of your PC or Laptop efficiently and effectively. It is one of the most reliable and dependable drive imaging software available and it is also one of the most trusted work-horse.

The new version of R-Drive, the R-Drive 5.1 is now upgraded to support the all new Windows 8. The R-Drive 5.1 not only is powered with a new imaging engine, it also has a better and eye catching boot disc graphic user interface (GUI). The interface is based in retro texts and the overall look and feel is excellent. One of the best features of the new R-Drive 5.1 is the fact that supports both reading and restoring file formats from older versions of R-Drive. The software is also supportive for the ReFS or the Resilient File System. The ReFS is used in Microsoft Server 2012.

The R-Drive 5.1 includes a lot of interesting and useful features. It includes a number of useful and effective tools as well. Some of the useful tools include BSD slices for Linux partitions, split files, file system conversion along with media support. It also includes support for Windows Dynamic Disks, encryption, compression, disk cloning and differential image backups along with full or incremental options also.

R-Drive is a fast and compact program that is extremely efficient as well. The liberty to use the read-only virtual drive with its own drive letter is an excellent experience. This is further enhanced by the liberty to attach the image without the omnipresent background service used by most software or programs. Recovering or finding files or specific files have never been easier and fun.

R-Drive 5.1 can also create bootable CD, and also bootable USB flash drives. They can help recover systems that failed to boot from the hard disk drives. The bootable CD or USB flash drive created by R-Drive 5.1 is in the form of an image. The Linux based bootable CD or USB flash drives created by the Image now features a pseudo graphic mode or a Graphic User Interface. A 256 MB memory space is needed for this option to function. This GUI or Pseudo Graphic mode is similar to the Windows version of the program. The character based interface is also available for use, which can run on a mere 128 MB memory space. Both the versions are extremely open in terms of their range of connection and support for different range of hardware.

The R-Drive 5.1 also is secure for networked computers as it will allow backup of shared folder in the network, only if the proper IP of the server is fed, as well as the name of the shared folder. This is needed other than the user name and the password.

R-Drive 5.1 is an extremely reliable and versatile program that can take backups and be efficient as well as effective disaster recovery solution.

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The files which contain the images of drives which can easily be saved in different places like the external hard drive, CD or DVD, jazz disk, Iomega Zip or more other.

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