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R-Drive Image is unique and powerful drive image software

R-Drive Image is an effective tool for creating disk image of files for purposes like backup or duplication. A file of disk image has the copy of every byte of the hard disk, logical drive or a separated partition and this can be done through several stages which don’t interrupt the normal running of the computer and also can be created on the go.

R-Drive Image is capable of restoring the images in partitions, the disk from which it has been copied or in a free space of hard disk on the go without stopping any work. To do system or private partition restoring R-Drive Image switches to the mode which is pseudo graphic from the bootable device or the Windows which are run from disk or CD.

By the help of R-Drive Image, very high amount of loss of data which was caused for the crash of operating system, attack of virus or failure of hardware can be restored very fast and with ease. R-Drive Image can be also used to setup particular computers which is under deployment of mass system. To be concise, a single image can be created and that can be further deployed in more computers. This facility lessens the expenditure and time. Using file utility or Windows Explorer restoring of a single disk image is possible by copying the files from it virtually.

R-Drive Image the finest which provides backup and restoring to save your data on the event of a disaster.

The salient features of R-Drive Image include:

User friendly interface.
This helps a lot because no special skill is needed.
Inter disk copying.
A whole disk can be copied totally to a new disk.
Compression of files of image.
In order to save storage files of image can be compressed.
Support of removable media.
The files of image can be stored in a media which is removable.
Support of network in the version which is startup.
This enables you to make images and restore via the network of Microsoft.
The list of supported devices has been extended.
The list of devices which are supported in the startup version has been extended.
A file of image can be given connection as a virtual disk which is read only.
This type of disks can be browsed to find out or search for files and folders and even copying can be done.
Spitting of files of image.
The images files of drives can be split into multiple to make them fit for storing.
Protection of image.
The files of images can be assigned with password s and comments.
Creation of new partition.
Data which is from a disk image can be saved in a not partitioned place on the hard drive.
Replacement of partition.
Data of disk image can also be stored in the partitions which are available. This is done automatically by R-Drive Image.
Restoration of single files and folders.
Files and folders solely can be restored from a virtual disk connection or during normal restoring.
Verification of files of image.
The quality of files of image can be checked before restoring or storing.
The creation of disk imager can be scheduled and it can be done in a mode which is unattended.
Report of action.
Report on the success or failure of creation of a disk image can be sent by email or an application from outside can also be brought into use.
Support for the system files which are ReFS type.
All actions are supported in this new file system of Microsoft 2012 sever excluding the resizing of partition.
Startup type version.
With is version locked partitions of the operating system can be imaged, copied or restored. From the windows or any external storage device with the help of this startup version the computer can be restored. Generally graphic mode is used by this version but incase the graphics card is not compatible then the pseudo graphic mode is used.
Support of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 in the startup version.
USB IDE 2.0 and HDD3.0 are the alternatives to store image files to the rising cost of hard drives. These are supported in the startup version. The CD and any media which is not reliable must be avoided in order be free from slow work. Keep in mind that too much space is not required for the incremental backups.
Actions on the go.
Files of image can be created on the go without stopping or restarting the windows. The writes of other disks are saved in a cache till t he creation of the image. Information from the files of images is also restored on the go, but this cannot be done with the system partition. The restoring on system partitions can be completed in the pseudo graphic mode or using sophisticated disks of startup.
Creation of scripts for the unattended or often actions.
From the interface of R-Drive Image the scripts are created for files of images in the original way. The scripts are implemented from a line of command and these lines of command can be added to any file of command.

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