Advanced, Real-time Protection

HitmanPro.Alert Ransomware Scanner and Anti-Exploit Tool. HitmanPro.Alert cleans your computer of all traces and remnants of any malware—even those left behind by your previous security software.

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Keep your PC clean and protected

It then continuously keeps you protected, stopping any new threats from infecting your computer. The advanced real-time and behavioral technologies stop ransomware, block hacking attempts, prevent program exploits, and more. The next generation of malware has met its match.

HitmanPro.Alert Screenshots

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Exemplary exploit technique prevention

Hardware-assisted Control-Flow Integrity HitmanPro.Alert further raises the bar for exploit attacks. Its innovative hardware-assisted Control-Flow Integrity (CFI) technology is a new approach to prevent attackers from hijacking control-flow of internet-facing applications, like web browsers, Office and other productivity software. To defeat security technologies like DEP and ASLR, control-flow attacks are nowadays common practice. These attacks are invisible to antivirus and other cyber-defenses as there are no malicious files involved. Instead, the attack is constructed in real-time by combining short pieces of benign code, that are part of existing applications, like Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash Player—a so-called code-reuse or return-oriented programming (ROP) attack.

HitmanPro.Alert achieves this new capability by leveraging an unused hardware feature in mainstream IntelÂź processors to track code execution, assisting detection of advanced exploit attacks in real-time.

Employing hardware-traced records has a significant security benefit over software stack-based approaches. Stack-based solutions like Microsoft EMET, rely on stack data, which is—especially in case of a ROP attack—under control of the attacker, who in turn can mislead the defender. In contrast, the hardware-traced data examined by HitmanPro.Alert is more reliable and tamper resistant—a definite edge over existing solutions.

Includes HitmanPro!

New and increasingly sophisticated threats are being created every day. HitmanPro.Alert stops these brand-new, never–before-seen threats by proactively seeking out and analyzing suspicious behaviors and activities. It goes beyond old-school antivirus to deliver advanced, real-time protection against the latest hacking, ransomware, program exploits, webcam spying, and online banking risks.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware encrypts your files, making them unusable until a ransom is paid to the hackers who spread it. And there is no guarantee that they’ll be decrypted once the ransom is paid. Ransomware is one of the fastest growing malware infections in the world and has been making headlines through massive, worldwide outbreaks. It has become so lucrative, that business organizations have sprung up in the criminal world selling ransomware as a product or service to newbie hackers.

HitmanPro.Alert watches for ransomware-style behavior, not just known ransomware, allowing it to catch brand new variants that other security software can’t recognize. If a file gets encrypted, HitmanPro.Alert makes a backup file. If other files continue to be encrypted, HitmanPro.Alert recognizes this behavior as potential ransomware and stops the process. It then rolls back the encryption by replacing the encrypted files with the saved backups and then removes the ransomware itself. HitmanPro.Alert also blocks unwanted encryption of the boot drive, another tactic used by hackers to get money. All of this is done without any needed user interaction.

Preventing Program Exploits

There are many helpful programs for any number of uses found on Windows PCs. Unfortunately, the programs could have vulnerabilities that provide backdoors for hackers to gain access to your system.

HitmanPro.Alert adds an additional layer of security around vulnerable programs, watching for behavior that is malicious in nature. Infections are found and promptly removed. HitmanPro.Alert then replaces infected Windows resources with safe, original versions. This prevents these programs from being exploited and used against the user.

Keeping Your Privacy

Just like certain programs, webcams, keyboards, and web browsers are also susceptible to hacking. Simple infection techniques could give hackers access to the passwords and credit card numbers you type, the web pages you visit, and anything that’s happening in front of your webcam.

HitmanPro.Alert monitors unauthorized access to your webcam, keeping your private life private. It beefs up browser security and warns you if the browser has been compromised in anyway. It also encrypts your keystrokes, rendering keyloggers useless and keeping what you type safe. These advanced privacy features led MRG Effitas to award HitmanPro.Alert their Secure Online Banking certification.

HitmanPro’s Advanced Malware Removal

All the features found in HitmanPro are also included in HitmanPro.Alert, including a powerful, professional-grade virus cleaner. While most traditional virus cleaners simply remove offending malware files, our deep scan and clean goes the extra mile by eradicating all traces and remnants of the malware that previous security software may have left on your computer. It’ll be like your computer was never infected in the first place.

Alternative endpoint security solutions only focus on blocking malware delivery from web pages and email attachments, but HitmanPro.Alert also recognizes the capabilities of more devious attackers. It is purpose-built to disrupt attacks in real-time across the entire threat life-cycle or Cyber Kill ChainÂź. HitmanPro.Alert not only offers exemplary exploit technique prevention and advanced malware remediation, its many Risk Reduction features also limit motivated and skilled attackers' abilities when they do succeed in compromising the endpoint.

HitmanPro.Alert Key Benefits

CryptoGuard stops ransomware
The exclusive Risk Reduction features of HitmanPro.Alert include behavior-based protection against high-impact crypto-ransomware, a prolific threat that slips by web filters and antivirus defenses every day. This type of infection—also generalized as cryptolocker—goes after images, documents, and other personal and critical data on local disks and networked drives. Cryptolocker malware encrypts the computer files of its victims victims and demands ransom money for the decryption key.

The signature-less operation of HitmanPro.Alert’s CryptoGuard technology universally prevents spontaneous encryption of data by cryptolockers. Even when trusted files or processes are hijacked for unsolicited encryption—as observed in cryptolockers “VaultCrypt”, “CryptoWall” and “CTB-Locker”—it is stopped and reverted by HitmanPro.Alert, without interaction from users or IT support personnel.
Risk reduction
Other Risk Reduction features focus e.g. on anti-espionage, such as kernel-level Keystroke Encryption, Webcam Notifier and BadUSB Protection. Moreover, Vaccination and Process Protection will deter or make malware self-terminate, where Safe Browsing and Application Lockdown reveal malware that hide inside or attempt to piggyback on trusted programs to gain persistence or hoist in additional payloads.

Whether computers are targeted indiscriminately or singled out in Whether a watering-hole or spear-phishing attack, HitmanPro.Alert offers high-performance protection without requiring virus signatures or prior knowledge of attacks. The install-and-forget software is just 5 MB in size and runs on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

HitmanPro.Alert System Requirements

Operating systems
Windows XP (32 bit only), Vista, 7, 8.1, 10.

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