Ashampoo Anti-Virus

Ashampoo Anti-Virus

Advanced malware protection that works

Ashampoo Anti-Virus is like a highly-skilled bodyguard that autonomously handles dangerous situations with as little user intervention as possible. Simply install  and  forget. Even zero-day threats are effectively neutralized using advanced  behavior  blockers

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Sophisticated real-time protection

Ashampoo Anti-Virus provides sophisticated real-time protection without compromise. Heavy on security, light on resources, virus, trojan, spyware and other malware is automatically eliminated without slowing  down  host  PCs.

Protection that  works

Once installed, you don't have to configure Ashampoo Anti-Virus. Sophistcated real-time protection including powerful behaviour blocker comes right out of the box. Simply install  and  forget.

Heavy on security but  light  on  resources
Ashampoo Anti-Virus offers strong real-time protection against virus, trojan, spyware and other security threats to prevent attacks as they happen. But Ashampoo Anti-Virus does not sacrifice speed over security. Where other solutions will slow down your computer, Ashampoo Anti-Virus manages to stay lightweight and take up very  little  resources.
Advanced protection also for  non-advanced  users
Despite sophisticated technology, Ashampoo Anti-Virus is surprisingly simple to use. It was specifically designed to restrict the need for user interaction to a minimum. Think of Ashampoo Anti-Virus as a highly-skilled bodyguard that autonomously handles dangerous situations with as little user intervention  as  possible.
Always up to date and  always  protected
With daily signature updates, your Ashampoo Anti-Virus is always ready to detect and neutralise both old and new threats. And best of all, updates happen fully  automatically.

With powerful automated real-time protection and frequent updates, Ashampoo Anti-Virus offers reliable protection against all common Internet security threats, known and unknown. And it does so in a very discrete and unobtrusive manner without restricting your  freedom  of  use.

Ashampoo Anti-Virus key  features

Real-time protection
Neutralises attacks  as  they  happen
Behaviour Blocker
Monitors application behavior and prevents even not yet classified threats such as  zero-day  exploits
On-Access Guard
Neutralises infection attempts during  file  operations
Multi-Engine Scanner:
Combines two scan engines for maximum accuracy. Customisable whitelist to exclude  files  from  scan
Web protection
Prevents access to  malicious  websites
Game mode
Handles all security issues automatically to ensure uninterrupted  gameplay
Vital program parts are encrypted to prevent the circumvention of  security  measures

You don't have to sacrifice speed and comfort over security when you protect your data with Ashampoo  Anti-Virus.

Ashampoo Anti-Virus System  Utilities
File Wiper
Protect your privacy and permanently erase files and folders to render them unrecoverable for file restoration tools. It is also possible, to overwrite empty hard disk space to prevent restoration of already  deleted  files
Internet Cleaner
Remove your Internet traces and delete temporary Internet files, clear your browser cache and erase your  browsing  history.
Hostfile Checker
Scans your Windows hostfile for unwanted  DNS  redirects
ADS Scanner
Scan NTFS drives for invisible data streams  and  remove  them
StartUp Tuner
Improve the startup time of your PC and disable unnecessary  Autostart  entries.
LSP Viewer
Manage Winsock-Layers and  network  activity
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Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2020

Just Released

Effectively detect and neutralize viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware! Ashampoo Anti-Virus protects your PC against all threats, including zero-day ransomware and trojans that have never been analyzed before

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