Ashampoo Backup 2021

Backup software to easily back up and restore entire partitions

Ashampoo Backup 2021 back ups and restores entire partitions safely and reliably. The built-in rescue feature even restore corrupt systems

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Backup and restore files extensively in just a few clicks!

If you've ever stared at a black screen because your Windows refused to boot, you'll appreciate the value of regular backups. And it can be so easy! Only backups will protect you against impending data loss, as caused by ransomware, corrupt operating system or disks. Ashampoo Backup 2021 is the fool-proof backup software to save your files. The program backs up and restores entire partitions and disks in just a few clicks. Benefit from automated backups and fuss-free file recovery through the built-in rescue system!

Ashampoo Backup 2021: Key Features

Back up entire partitions with ease

Ashampoo Backup 2021 is wonderfully easy to operate – because it focuses on its core strengths. Creating and restoring backups of entire disk partitions takes only a few clicks. Simply pick the partitions, select a time and output location for the backups and you're good to go – no previous knowledge required! It's dependable and straightforward backup software for everyone!

Incremental auto-updates

What good are backups when their files are hopelessly outdated? With Ashampoo Backup 2021, your backups will always be up-to-date, because of incremental auto-updates. Your archives will always contain the latest modifications without you having to do a single thing. It's backup software as it is supposed to be and it just works!

Restore data with ease

Ashampoo Backup 2021 features a dedicated rescue system that works even with highly corrupt disks. You can always restore your files directly through the program's interface but, if disaster strikes, you'll be ready for it with bootable CDs or flash drives created through the program! Even when ransomware has you completely locked out of your system, your rescue disk will not only start your PC but safely restore your data.

Light on resources, uncompromising on data integrity

Ashampoo Backup 2021 is so lightweight you'll barely notice it running. Backup archives are auto-updated in the background without slowing down your machine. But if you need the full power of your PC, the program will automatically pause and resume only once the workload has become lighter. Even hard disks larger than 2 TB are supported to accommodate large-scale backups. Naturally, archives are constantly verified to ensure file integrity.

All local storage devices supported

With Ashampoo Backup 2021, you decide where your backups will be stored, whether it's a local network or external drive. This backup software was designed as a carefree fire-and-forget solution for users who don't want to spend too much time thinking about file safety. It's the easiest backup software on the market. Once set up, Backup 2021 does the heavy lifting all by itself. Try it today, you won't be disappointed!

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