Ashampoo ZIP Pro 4

The Ultimate File Management Suite

Ashampoo ZIP Pro 4 is not just another ZIP application. It's a comprehensive suite for compression, extraction, file sending, and encryption. With support for a total of 60 archive types, it's the most versatile file management tool

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Windows 11 Compatibility

Ashampoo ZIP Pro 4 is fully compatible with Windows 11, featuring an elegant design that seamlessly integrates with the new Windows look. Rounded elements, stylish themes, and a ribbon-based user interface make it a perfect fit for Windows 11.

Fast and Versatile

Experience lightning-fast file creation and encryption with full multi-core support. The program offers 256-bit encryption for maximum security. It also includes a built-in file explorer with cloud and FTP support, making it a versatile tool for all your file management needs.

High-Resolution Support

Ashampoo ZIP Pro 4 delivers super crisp visuals, perfect for high-res 4K displays. The program's improved ribbon-based interface with context-sensitive tabs ensures a smooth and efficient workflow.

Multiple Application Modes

Easily switch between different application modes, including archiver, explorer, cloud manager, and tools. This flexibility allows you to compress and decompress files faster than ever before.

Wide Format Compatibility

Enjoy 100% compatibility with popular formats like ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, CAB, ISO, and over 60 others. Benefit from live previews and 256-bit encrypted self-extracting archives. You can also upload data via FTP, to the cloud, or burn them to disc.

Portable Version

Take Ashampoo ZIP Pro 4 on the go with the portable version. Run it directly from a flash drive or external hard disk, no installation required.

Office Add-Ins

Access ZIP functionality directly within your favorite Office applications. Save disk space, protect documents, and save time with automatic features.

Encryption Suite

Secure your files with FIPS 140-2 256-bit AES encryption. Encrypt office documents and PDFs for data integrity and protection. Ashampoo ZIP Pro 4 also supports the OpenPGP standard.

Backup Solution

Use the Ashampoo ZIP Script for total backup convenience. Back up files and folders instantly with maximum space savings. Store files in the cloud, on FTP servers, or multiple locations simultaneously with Windows Scheduler support.

File Explorer Alternative

Ashampoo's file explorer offers a split-pane view, ZIP features, and support for over 60 formats. Whether you need to move, send, or burn files, it's a versatile alternative to Windows Explorer.

Cloud Browser

Access your cloud files effortlessly with Ashampoo ZIP Pro 4. It supports always up-to-date cloud files from Azure, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, and more. Compress and upload files directly to your cloud service of choice.

Virtual Drive

Mount ISO disc images as virtual drives for instant access without extraction or additional software. It's the ultimate solution for working with disc images.

Record-Breaking Compression

Ashampoo ZIP Pro 4 achieves up to 70% better compression than the competition, even for PDF, DOCX, and PNG files. The program automatically selects the best codec for each file type.

Ashampoo ZIP Pro 4 is your all-in-one file management suite, offering power, versatility, and compatibility. Experience faster file handling, high-resolution support, and top-tier compression capabilities. Upgrade your file management today!