Nero TuneItUp

Power PC-Tuning

Optimising and accelerating like a pro: Nero TuneItUp makes your PC faster, updates your drivers, and you will no longer have problems with Internet that is too slow

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New in Nero TuneItUp

Nero TuneItUp puts you back in complete control of your PC's performance. You decide whether to solve problems individually, or repair them all at once. The automatic monitoring feature works in the background and will notify you the moment your PC starts running slower again, helping you keep your PC in top shape at all times.

Nero TuneItUp Key Feature

Boot Windows faster
Did you know that during system startup programs are automatically preloaded so they can be started faster later on? Most of these processes slow down your system and are not needed on a day-to-day basis. Nero TuneItUp simply switches off these unnecessary processes, meaning that your Windows will start faster than ever before!
Surf the web faster
Regardless of your internet connection, the wrong browser configuration can seriously slow down your surfing experience. Nero TuneItUp analyses your Internet settings and optimises them with one click!
Optimise your Windows
During system start Windows loads unnecessary background programs and services that are normally not needed. Nero TuneItUp optimizes the configuration. Certain Windows settings can negatively affect your PC's performance. Nero TuneItUp can automatically optimise your settings and lets you quickly customize your Windows.
Update your drivers and programs
Outdated drivers have a negative impact on the security, performance and stability of your PC. Nero TuneItUp searches its large database for driver updates and installs them when necessary. Are you sure that the programs on your PC are up to date? Nero TuneItUp shows you all available updates and lets you download and install them. Keeping your drivers and programs up to date helps you close dangerous security gaps and lets you benefit from the latest functions and features.
Save power and energy
Save energy, and battery life on your laptop, with just one click! Nero TuneItUp offers the best compromise between performance and energy efficiency.

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