O&O Defrag 26

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Maximum Performance for Your PC - Keep Your System Running Smoothly

Don’t let a slow computer spoil your work or fun! Let O&O Defrag 26 optimize your hard disks and SSDs and you can experience speed increases of up to 100%

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Improve PC Performance with Defragmentation

O&O Defrag efficiently sorts and combines files on your hard drive or SSD, reducing access times and enhancing overall performance.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Optimization

O&O Defrag takes care of everything automatically, eliminating the need for complex settings and decisions. Simply choose between manual or automatic operation.

Customize Your Defragmentation Strategy

With O&O Defrag 26, you have the flexibility to personalize your defragmentation approach. Switch between the classic view with professional settings and the modern view for a simplified experience.

Comprehensive System Maintenance

O&O Defrag 26 conducts checks for inconsistencies, errors in memory and Windows system files, and offers repair functions for prompt correction.

Free Up Storage Space

Eliminate unnecessary files and reclaim valuable storage space with the improved O&O DiskCleaner, enhancing system performance and preventing storage issues.

Efficient Program Removal

Identify and uninstall unused programs effortlessly to free up disk space and enhance security with O&O Defrag 26's program management feature.

Automatic Background Defragmentation

Optimize your data volumes without impacting computer performance through O&O Defrag's automatic defragmentation, customizable based on fragmentation levels, specific days, or screen saver activation.

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O&O Defrag 27

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Say goodbye to sluggish computers hindering your productivity or entertainment! Let O&O Defrag revolutionize your hard disks and SSDs, delivering speed enhancements of up to 100%

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