Pinnacle Studio 23

Video editing software

Pinnacle Studio delivers creative, intuitive timeline or storyboard editing to give you precise control over how you tell your story.

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Flexible and creative video editing software

Bring out your inner editor with Pinnacle Studio, the most flexible and creative video editing suite for those new to Pinnacle. Create one-of-a-kind projects using themed templates, or combine your photos and videos to edit your own way with the multi-track timeline. With 1500+ filters and effects, lens and color correction, screen recording software and more, Pinnacle Studio makes it easy to create videos your audience will love!

Pinnacle Studio 23 Screenshots

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Why Pinnacle Studio 23?

Flexible editing
Enjoy drag and drop video editing across six tracks, with timeline or storyboard editing. Pinnacle Studio has the tools you need to take your video project to the next level.
Get creative
Correct and enhance easily with access to 1, 500+ effects, templates, and titles. Express yourself creatively by adjusting color, brightness, and more.
Work efficiently
Pinnacle Studio’s intuitive interface enables you to streamline your workflow. Save valuable editing time by making use of creative templates!

The power, precision, and creative control of Pinnacle

Powerful & intuitive
Pinnacle Studio 23 delivers the tools you need to create something you’ll be proud to share. With enhanced precision and intuitive controls, you can drag and drop your media and easily customize it on the six-track timeline. Correct color with basic Color Grading tools, or add creative titles, transitions, and effects to enhance your imagery.
Flexible & creative
Pinnacle Studio has a large selection of pro-caliber tools and video effects. Correct common video problems by stabilizing video or applying lens corrections, or go above and beyond with creative effects! Enhance your video and set the tone for your project with basic Color Grading controls, or use Selective Color to draw focus to important objects. Get creative and edit flexibly with Pinnacle Studio to bring your project to life!
Productive & efficient
This powerful collection of applications is loaded with intuitive tools, tutorials, and learning materials to ensure you can get started easily and be successful sooner. Streamline your workflow with a personalizable workspace, create custom shortcuts, and edit seamlessly across dual monitors. Enjoy faster multi-track rendering and better file handling, making the most of your PC’s processing power and memory.

What’s new in Pinnacle Studio 23

LUT profiles
LUT profiles make it easy to instantly add cinema-grade color grading effects to your project. Alter the mood, add drama, and more by choosing from preset profiles or creating and storing your own for later use.
Split Screen video templates
With new templates and enhanced grid overlay functionality, easily create custom split screen videos.
Training material
Learn the new features of Pinnacle Studio 23 with new training videos and written how-to tutorials.
Improved keyframing controls enables you to customize your transitions and creative effects to the last detail.
Enjoy higher bitrate and enhanced Intel® Quick Sync video hardware acceleration.

Intuitive and precise timeline editing

Pinnacle Studio delivers creative, intuitive timeline or storyboard editing to give you precise control over how you tell your story.

Timeline editing
Edit video projects across up to six tracks. Pinnacle Studio offers intuitive timeline editing, empowering you to add titles, effects, and adjust the look of your clips with ease - directly on the timeline. Start with storyboard editing to visualize how your narrative will unfold, then move on to timeline editing to customize your video.
Customize your workspace
Set quick access points to the tools you use most to streamline your workflow. Work seamlessly across dual monitors, create custom profiles, and adjust screen resolutions.
Precise editing
Effortlessly drag and drop media to the timeline, or insert clips intuitively with the slip tool for the ultimate level of flexibility and precision. Easily scrub through footage to find exact moments to highlight or replace.
Keyframe control
Use keyframes to customize every detail of your transitions and effects with unparalleled precision and control. Adjust the speed of a clip or motion of an object to match your vision. Keyframing empowers you to fully personalize your projects.

Play with speed using Time Remapping

Add intensity to the story and movement of your video by controlling the speed of your clips with keyframing controls.

Freeze frame
Highlight an iconic moment in your project with a quick pause or leave a lasting impression on viewers with a paused snapshot!
Slow motion
Build anticipation and intensity in your videos with a slow motion effect to add visual interest.
Fast motion
Speed up your scenes to improve your storytelling. Create the illusion of a super-human, or turn basic footage into a timelapse.
Create a fascinating visual effect to captivate your viewers and reverse and replay to highlight an effect.

Capture and edit multiple cameras simultaneously

Video capture and screen recorder
Record your screen and webcam simultaneously and create engaging tutorial videos. With unique screen recording software, you can easily capture video, system audio, microphone sound, and record your screen in a single click.
Multi-camera editing
Combine footage from two devices to create more dynamic videos with Pinnacle’s MultiCam Editing. Easily align and sync clips with audio syncing or by markers. Select the angle you want to show as the video plays to create your own multi-camera production.

Enhance your footage creatively

From basic corrections to creative enhancements, Pinnacle Studio is your complete editing toolkit. Featuring a variety of advanced effects and filters, you can make artistic adjustments and basic edits with ease.

All the basics, and more
Crop, rotate, and edit footage, apply quick effects, and even eliminate red eye from your media directly in the preview pane! Easily trim or duplicate clips, and add motion with Pan & Zoom functions.
Video templates
Choose from hundreds of Montage video templates with themes perfect for every occasion. Simply drag and drop to the template, or quickly create automatic slideshows with SmartMovie.
Video filters
Add excitement and polish to every production with hundreds of customizable video effects, animated titles, and transitions. Drag and drop filters to turn grey skies blue, add cartoon or watercolor-like stylized effects, and much more.
Stop Motion animation
Gather your props, plug in your camera, and capture your story, frame by frame. Control camera settings, see overlay frames, set distances, and capture frames automatically or manually from within Pinnacle Studio.

Master your audio

Audio Editing
Fade audio in and out, or mute clips completely with just a few clicks.
Royalty Free Music
Add royalty-free music that automatically adjusts to the length of your project with the ScoreFitter music library.

Share your video with family, friends and more!

Export to popular formats and devices
Export your project to popular video formats for playback on any device!
Upload directly to social media
Upload directly to YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr directly from Pinnacle Studio.
Burn to disc
Author DVDs with customizable themed menus, chapters, and music. 20+ Templates.

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