Ashampoo Office 9

Your Robust and Affordable MS Office Alternative

Discover the power of Ashampoo Office 9, the ultimate alternative to Microsoft Office, offering a suite of high-quality text processing, spreadsheet, and presentation modules. This Office suite is meticulously crafted for compatibility, supporting default document formats seamlessly

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Create Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations

Experience an affordable and highly compatible alternative to Microsoft Office. Ashampoo Office 9 allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations swiftly, without compromise. No lengthy training needed – it's the office suite you've always wanted.

Use on Up to 5 PCs

Enjoy the flexibility of running Ashampoo Office on up to 5 PCs within your household with a single license. Empower your entire family with a robust office suite without the need for multiple licenses at home.

Stunning Presentations with Present

Make impactful presentations effortlessly with Present, a powerful alternative to PowerPoint. With dynamic slide transitions compatible with PowerPoint, Linux support for audio and video elements, and intuitive design, create stunning presentations without limitations.

Excellent Spreadsheet Processing with Calculate

Ashampoo Calculate simplifies complex calculations and chart creation in spreadsheets. Enjoy a hassle-free Excel replacement with instant syntax highlighting, formula validation, and support for giant datasheets. Calculate 9 uses the XLSX file format, ensuring compatibility with Microsoft Excel.

Engaging Presentations with Present

Create convincing presentations with breath-taking animations, redesigned slide transitions, and a mature master slide system. With multiple master layouts, ready-made design templates, and support for graphics, charts, sounds, videos, and animations, Present ensures your projects shine. It supports PPTX for instant compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Adjustable User Interface

Choose your preferred interface – traditional menu-based or modern ribbons? Ashampoo Office 9 offers flexibility. The classic menu-based interface caters to traditionalists, while the modern ribbon interface provides speed and visual clarity. Transition seamlessly between the two interfaces to suit your preference.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a casual user, Ashampoo Office 9 is designed to meet your needs with its compatibility, affordability, and user-friendly features. Upgrade your office suite experience today!